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House Republicans Threaten Government Shutdown Unless Congress Saves Trump

House Republicans Threaten Government Shutdown Unless Congress Saves Trump

The House Freedom Caucus is threatening to shut down the government unless Congress stops the federal cases against Donald Trump…

10 months ago

House MAGAs Are Losing It Because They Can’t Crash The Economy For Trump

The House Freedom Caucus held a press conference on Tuesday where they complained that the debt limit deal will prevent…

1 year ago

Freedom Caucus Members Tell Trump Not to Declare Wall Emergency

Key members of the right-wing House Freedom Caucus have told Donald Trump that they don’t want him to take the…

5 years ago

Trump Allies Breitbart & Fox News Slam House GOP For Impeaching Rosenstein

Two of Donald Trump’s biggest media supporters, Breitbart and Fox News, both expressed criticism on Wednesday of the House Republicans…

6 years ago

Republicans Are Already Fighting With Each Other Over How To Pass Harvey Disaster Relief Bill

Trouble could be brewing as conservative House Republicans are already warning Speaker Paul Ryan not to lump Harvey disaster relief…

7 years ago

Trump Cut A Disastrous Deal On Health Care That Will Hand Congress Back To Democrats

The deal that Donald Trump cut with the House Freedom Caucus on health care is opposed by 71% of Americans.…

7 years ago

There is No Disguising the Fact that GOP Health Care Means Just Letting People Die

"Can't be said enough: Republicans objecting to #TrumpRyancare are doing so because it's not yet cruel enough for the @freedomcaucus."

7 years ago

House Republicans Plan Secret Meeting To Discuss Overthrowing Paul Ryan

The more things change, the more they stay the same. The House Freedom Caucus is planning a secret meeting, which…

8 years ago

Behind The Moderate Myth Paul Ryan Dreams Of Shutting Down Government Permanently

The only difference between the extremists and Ryan is how soon, and for how long, they are able to shut…

9 years ago

House Freedom Caucus Document Explains Why the House Is Ungovernable

The recent revelation of a House Freedom Caucus 'questionnaire for prospective candidates for the Speakers' position clears up why Republicans…

9 years ago

Radical House Freedom Caucus Doomed McCarthy’s Chances Of Becoming Speaker

After recalcitrant members of the House Freedom Caucus threatened not to back McCarthy, the California Rep. surrendered without a fight.

9 years ago

Republican Legislator Confesses That “The Crazies Have Taken Over the Party”

Peter King said Boehner's resignation is "like throwing raw meat to some of these people...they're just going to look for…

9 years ago