AP: House Dems Begin New Probes That Could End Trump’s Presidency

Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff

The Associated Press (AP) is reporting this morning that Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives are beginning several new investigations into Donald Trump as they prepare for “a post-Robert Mueller world.” read more

Trump: ‘Republicans Should Stop Wasting Their Time On Immigration’

President Donald Trump on Friday posted a tweet telling Republican lawmakers to “stop wasting their time” on immigration legislation.

His tweet came after the U.S.House of Representatives struggled to come up with a new immigration bill that would be able to receive a majority of votes either in the GOP caucus or on the floor of the House.  The House rejected a hardline immigration bill Thursday and Republican leaders delayed the vote on a separate, more moderate bill to next week. read more

Rachel Maddow Exposes Paul Ryan For Singlehandedly Blocking Dreamer Protections

Donald Trump caused this mess by lifting protections for DACA recipients. Paul Ryan is making it worse by not holding a vote to clean it up.

Paul Ryan’s Own Staff Applauds Nancy Pelosi After Record-Breaking House Speech

In one speech, she likely did more work than Trump has done all week, and Republicans could do nothing but tip their caps.

House GOP Puts Politics Over National Security And Votes To Release Phony Memo

In response to the mounting evidence against Donald Trump, Republicans have decided to wage war against the U.S. intelligence community instead of holding an increasingly guilty president accountable. 

House GOP Passes Cynical Spending Bill That Senate Democrats Are Already Planning To Smack Down

Senate Republicans aren't likely to win over enough Democrats to pass their cynical spending bill.

GOP Committing Political Suicide As Two-Thirds Of America Think Tax Proposal Is A Scam

The poll comes as GOP lawmakers have reportedly come to an agreement on a final plan they believe would have the votes to pass through Congress.

Trump Aides Privately Terrified That Impeachment Is Inevitable If Democrats Retake The House

Those closest to Trump don't believe he grasps what serious trouble he would be in if Democrats win enough seats to take over the House in 2018.

Trump Officially Commits Political Suicide With Tweet Praising Heartless GOP Health Plan

According to a recent poll, the GOP health care legislation is "the least popular major bill in decades."

House GOP Will Vote To Give Wall Street A Major Handout And Risk Another Great Recession

Republicans in the House of Representatives are about to dismantle financial reforms enacted by President Obama after the Great Recession.

Trump Supporters Make Racist Death Threats Against Congressman Calling For Impeachment

Al Green impeachment

Holding the president accountable for trying to block an investigation – a criminal act – doesn't jive well with Trump's supporters.

Idaho Republican Claims ‘Nobody Dies Because They Don’t Have Access to Health Care’

When told he was mandating the death of people on Medicaid Labrador claimed “That line is so indefensible.' What is indefensible is Trumpcare.

“This Will Mean Death”: Cory Booker Delivers Emotional Takedown Of GOP Health Care Plan

"This will cost American lives if it ever becomes law. This will mean death, pain, and suffering to people's families."

Rachel Maddow Explains Why The GOP Should Be Terrified Regardless Of The Final Kansas Results

Rachel Maddow

No matter what happens, this is a good night for Democrats in Kansas and across the country.

There is No Disguising the Fact that GOP Health Care Means Just Letting People Die

Republican replacement obamacare

"Can't be said enough: Republicans objecting to #TrumpRyancare are doing so because it's not yet cruel enough for the @freedomcaucus."

Angry Paul Ryan Runs From Reporters After Health Care Talks Fail Miserably

Paul Ryan

The Speaker was in no mood to deal with the press after a day of spectacular failures for his party.

Don’t Be Fooled: GOP Obamacare Replacement Has Even Bigger Fines For Being Uninsured

Republican replacement obamacare

Republicans claim to be doing away with the individual mandate. But their newly released plan would slap uninsured Americans with even bigger penalties.

GOP Planned Parenthood Inquisition Expands To Punish Research Scientists

Those being burned at the stake are our scientists who hold lifesaving medical breakthroughs in their hands.

Democrats Could Win The House If Trump Or Cruz Is The Republican Nominee

A new analysis finds that Democrats will have a chance of winning back the House if Donald Trump or Ted Cruz is the Republican presidential nominee.

Republicans Suffocate Democracy By Leading The Most Closed Congress In US History

House Republicans demonstrated their contempt for democracy today by setting the record for being the most closed Congress in US history.