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WATCH: Howard Dean: Ron DeSantis is Even More Insane Than Trump

WATCH: Howard Dean: Ron DeSantis is Even More Insane Than Trump

Donald Trump, thankfully is out of office. And some may have hoped the the COVID situation would get better with…

3 years ago

Howard Dean Warns That Trump May Be Getting Psychotic

Former governor and DNC Chair Howard Dean said that he thought Trump might be getting psychotic after the president's recent…

6 years ago

Trump Is Now Being Called A Crook On National Television

The corruption and criminality of Donald Trump is such a given that the President Of The United States is being…

6 years ago

‘Stupidity And Petulance’: Howard Dean Lambasts Clueless Trump’s Healthcare Moves

"Donald Trump no more knows anything about the insurance company than the man on the moon. So, you know, this…

7 years ago

The Only Question Now is When Donald Trump Realized How Much Trouble He Was In

"Either @realDonaldTrump is paranoid like Nixon, or judge found probable cause of crime for #wiretap. Either way our President is…

7 years ago

Howard Dean Jumps Into DNC Chair Race, Calls For Revival Of 50-State Strategy

Dean says he knows how to make the Democratic Party competitive going forward.

8 years ago

Howard Dean Stands Tall And Doubles Down On Questioning If Trump Uses Cocaine

Howard Dean is standing by his questioning of whether or not Trump using cocaine, and wants the media to ask…

8 years ago

The End May Be Near For Trump After 95 Minute Unhinged Rant Bored Supporters

Trump may have a dug a hole to deep to climb out of after raging against Ben Carson and "stupid"…

9 years ago

Morning Joe Wants Obama To Send More Troops To Fight ISIL Than Were Used In Vietnam War

During Thursday's broadcast of Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough whined about the Authorization for the Use of Military Force that…

9 years ago

Fox News Host Says America “Saved The Planet” By Using Snipers And Invading Other Countries

During Sunday morning's broadcast of Fox & Friends, co-host Charles Payne outlandishly claimed that the United States "saved the planet"…

9 years ago

Howard Dean Feels That Eric Cantor’s Loss Can Lead The Way To Big Democratic Gains

In an op-ed piece for Politico published Sunday, former Democratic Governor of Vermont Howard Dean stated that the recent primary…

10 years ago

Howard Dean Goes Off On Republicans and the Media for Questioning Obama’s Competence

After having to listen to Candy Crowley and Rick Santorum question President Obama's competence, Howard Dean went off and called…

11 years ago

Howard Dean Explains To Democrats Why Primarying Obama Is a Bad Idea

Lately there has been a lot of talk in liberal circles about mounting a primary challenge to President Obama in…

13 years ago

Howard Dean: The Obama Administration Has Misjudged America

Howard Dean was on CNN's State Of The Union today where he diagnosed the problem with administration of Barack Obama.…

14 years ago

Howard Dean Calls Out Fox News for Pushing Phony Racist Crap

Howard Dean was on Fox News Sunday this morning, where he blasted the network for what he called racist, phony,…

14 years ago

Howard Dean Calls Out John McCain for Twisting His Words on Healthcare

Former DNC chairman Howard Dean was on NBC's Meet The Press today talking about the compromise healthcare bill. Dean finally…

14 years ago

The White House Turns Up the Heat on Roland Burris

In another uh-oh moment for troubled Sen.

15 years ago

Reid and Durbin: Burris Will Be Seated This Week

Senate Majority Leader and Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin announced in a statement today that the Senate will seat embattled Gov.…

15 years ago

Burris is Blago’s Political WMD Aimed at the Democratic Party

TThe ugly yet completely scripted theater that was Roland Burris being turned away from the Senate today has managed to…

15 years ago