Opinion: Federal Appeals Court Rules it Is Illegal To Fire People Because They’re Gay

No one should be fired for being lesbian, gay, or transgender like happened to me and it’s incredibly powerful to…

5 years ago

Springsteen Raises the Stakes In His Crusade To Fight North Carolina Bigotry

"It’s the strongest means I have for raising my voice in opposition to those who won't recognize the human rights…

6 years ago

Hillary Clinton’s Outreach To African Americans Was Morally and Politically Important

While her rivals campaigned in Iowa, Clinton met with African American ministers to discuss issues critical to African American communities

6 years ago

No, Bernie Sanders Was Not “The” Pioneer For Marriage Equality

The real pioneer for marriage equality was not Sanders or Clinton; no matter what the Sanders' campaign or his passionate…

6 years ago

Largest LGBT Organization In America Endorses Hillary Rodham Clinton For President

Clinton has made protecting and expanding LGBT rights a pillar of her campaign, and she says she will end gay…

6 years ago

Hillary Rodham Clinton Sounds Like A Realist – Not A Republican

The reality is that when Democrats did have majorities in both houses of Congress they were barely able to pass…

6 years ago

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