Hugh Hewitt

Trump on Osama bin Laden: He Wasn’t That Big a Monster Because He Only “Had One Hit”

Donald Trump has made it his life's work to try to top anything that Barack Obama ever did. From the…

3 years ago
Trump Campaign’s Bonkers List of Potential Debate Moderators is Heavy on Fox News Personalities

Trump Campaign’s Bonkers List of Potential Debate Moderators is Heavy on Fox News Personalities

With both his poll numbers and his approval rating dwindling, Donald Trump is counting on his debates with Joe Biden…

4 years ago

MSNBC’s Hugh Hewett Absurdly Calls For Ban On Trench Coats Instead of Guns In Schools

Sometimes Republicans say such ridiculous things that you wonder if they are kidding or not.  Usually, though, they are deadly…

6 years ago

Tom Cotton Says Paul Ryan’s Claim of a 3-Phase Repeal and Replace is ‘Just Spin’

"There is no three-phase process. There is no three-step plan. That is just political talk. It’s just politicians engaging in…

7 years ago

Hypocrite Misogynist Paul Ryan Says Clinton Should Apologize to Trump

Republican Paul Ryan thinks Hillary Clinton should apologize for speaking the truth about Trump; or because she is a woman.

7 years ago

Republicans Shoot Themselves in the Foot Again with Another Rigged Debate

Tuesday's Republican debate was another rigged debate, in which Republicans incessant whining about actual questions from journalists drove CNN to…

8 years ago

Ted Cruz Goes Completely Insane And Claims That Democrats Commit Most Violent Crimes

During an interview with radio host Huge Hewitt, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz went bonkers and claimed that most violent…

8 years ago

Rachel Maddow Shows Why She Should Be Hosting Meet The Press Instead Of Chuck Todd

Rachel Maddow leveled conservative media darling Hugh Hewitt with facts while demonstrating why she should be hosting Meet The Press…

8 years ago

Donald Trump Humiliates Himself By Not Understanding The Senate Planned Parenthood Vote

During a radio interview, Donald Trump humiliated himself by seeming to have no idea what kind of vote the Senate…

9 years ago

GOP Presidential Contenders Kowtow To Religious Right, Support Discriminatory Indiana Law

Republican presidential contenders are lining up to defend Indiana's discriminatory "religious freedom" law.

9 years ago

Ben Carson Knows Nothing About Foreign Policy, Unaware Baltic States Part Of NATO

America needs a diplomat on the world stage, not a myopic neurosurgeon whose eyes glaze over when you show him…

9 years ago

Jon Stewart Highlights Joe Scarborough’s Hypocrisy Over His Complaints About Hillary Clinton

After showing Scarborough ranting about Mrs. Clinton's book tour and making appearances in early primary states while not announcing her…

9 years ago