Hurricanes Have Finally Convinced Republicans That Climate Change is Real

President Donald Trump continued this week to deny the effects of climate change in the face of overwhelming scientific agreement that it is occurring. However, even while Trump and many other Republicans deny man-made climate change, a shift appears to be occurring among Republican voters in North Carolina, a state which has been severely damaged by two hurricanes in two years. read more

Disaster! Trump Tariffs Increase Florence Rebuilding Costs 20-40%

Home and business owners who have been devastated by damage from Hurricane Florence are now facing another disaster: the costs of rebuilding.

According to an article in The New York Times, the costs to rebuild after the flood waters recede in the Carolinas and Virginia will be in the range of 20% to 40% higher because of Donald Trump’s trade war. read more

Trump Just Realized That Water Moves

Trump had another one of his "moments," when announced that the flood water in North Carolina will be moving to South Carolina.

Bill Nye Explains Why Climate Change Is To Blame For The Severity Of Hurricane Florence

Bill Nye explained on MSNBC that climate change is making hurricanes like Florence more severe because of increased ocean temperature.

Sen. Jeff Merkley Slams Trump For Moving $10 Million From FEMA Ahead Of Hurricane

Sen. Jeff Merkley isn't letting up on the Trump administration for taking $10 million from FEMA ahead of hurricane season to pay for more prisons for immigrants.

Mentally Failing Trump Warns That Hurricane Florence Is Wet

Trump had a message for the millions of people who are in the path of Hurricane Florence. Trump warned the American people that the hurricane is in fact, wet.