Hypocrite Chuck Grassley Once Held an AG In Contempt Over Navy Cost Overruns

As Democrats prepare a contempt citation for AG Barr, rpepare for some high pitched Republican histrionics as they attempt to shield this president from Congress knowing the extent of his contacts with Russia. In contrast, there's that time Republican Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA), who is on the Committee on the Judiciary, cited an Attorney General for contempt, without proper authorization, over Navy shipyard contracts.

‘Pro-Life’ GOP Rep Will Not Seek Re-Election After Urging His Mistress To Have An Abortion

Murphy is no outlier when it comes to this pro-life, family values hypocrisy. For proof of that, we need not look any further than the White House. 

‘Hypocrisy And Cowardice’: Dan Rather Destroys GOP For Refusing To Cut Ties With Trump

Dan Rather GOP cowardice

This cowardice may help the GOP hold onto its base, but it's doing great long-term damage to America's political system.

Opinion: Trump’s Civilian Death Toll in March Far Exceeds Syrian Chemical Attack

“This is worse than anything we have ever seen. Something is shifting — a lot more [innocent Muslim] civilians are dying, and it’s happening on Donald Trump’s watch.”

Opinion: Pope Francis Warns There is No Heaven for ‘Bad Hypocritical Christians’

The Pope wasted little time lashing out at fake Christians whom he said would be better off being a non-believer, an atheist, than a “bad Christian.”

Ben Carson Demands To See Obama’s College Records While Refusing To Release His Own

obama expression

Ben Carson defended birtherism and said if Obama didn't want people to be suspicious of him, he should release all of his records.

The Year of Intolerant Liberalism? Not so Much

A Religious Right list of 33 Examples of Intolerant Liberalism in 2014 turns out (surprise!) to be examples of conservative intolerance

A Wink in the Clink: Another Scott Walker Aide Pleads Guilty To Crime

I have recently been informed on Twitter by an “ordained minster” that Republicans are right to disrespect the President because God tells them to call out those who “pervert” the Bible. Keep this in mind, then, as I tell you the story of Wisconsin today, because it seems like Republican God has mysterious values. read more