WATCH: Fox Contributor Claims Dems Are Intentionally Letting COVID Stricken Migrants Into Communities to Affect the Midterms

WATCH: Fox Contributor Claims Dems Are Intentionally Letting COVID Stricken Migrants Into Communities to Affect the Midterms

The Delta variant of COVID-19 is currently ravaging a number of red voting communities. Many right-leaning Republicans have been hesitant…

2 years ago

Trump Makes Immigrants Pay For DNA Tests To Get Their Kids Back

After being ordered to reunite parents with the children that he kidnapped, Trump is making immigrants pay for DNA tests…

5 years ago

Congress Must Pass The Dream Act Before Trump’s Countdown Clock Runs Out

The rescinding of DACA last Tuesday put some 800,000 youth and young adults on a countdown clock with Congress. Without…

6 years ago

Opinion: Trump Creates a Constitutional Crisis With Muslim Ban

Trump’s order includes the flagrantly unconstitutional detention of perfectly legal immigrants whose only crime is their national origin and religion.

7 years ago

‘Women’s Protest’ Sent Trump Republicans A Powerful Frightening Message

The diverse protesters said that what is about to happen to any American at the hands of Trump Republicans “should…

7 years ago

Wall St. Economic Expert’s Warning Should Terrify All But Rich Americans

Trump’s economic plan will confer vast monetary gains on the very wealthiest Americans while leaving Trump’s electoral base further behind.

7 years ago

The Long Campaign and Expose’ of America’s Shame Is Over

The blatant expression of hatred for all things not white, not Christian, and not conservative over the past year brought…

7 years ago

Mexican President Only Met Trump To Confront the Threat To Mexico Head On

"There was only one reason I did this, and the reason was to confront the risk and a direct threat…

7 years ago

Republican outrage over Trump’s racism is bad acting and hypocritical

Republicans have been using racial dog whistles and disparaging remarks about minorities for seven years. So why the outrage when…

7 years ago

Pope Francis Warns Churches To Practice Religion Or Start Paying Taxes

The Pope is put off that there are churches that would rather use buildings they own to make money than…

8 years ago

Don’t Believe GOP Criticism – Donald Trump Speaks For The Party And The Base

Donald Trump's truly vicious remarks targeting Hispanic immigrants exposed conservative racism that permeates the Republican base

8 years ago

Racist Tea Partiers Claim African Americans Take Advantage of Slavery

The anniversary of the end of slavery was remembered by a tea party leader by admonishing African Americans to stop…

10 years ago