Trump’s Language Makes Our Wise Founding Leaders Sound like Wise Guys

In short, the danger in Trump’s language is that, for the surprisingly impressionable national audience, he degrades our democratic processes and safeguards against tyranny by recasting the fundamentals of democracy as instead the coarse and brutish misdeeds of a dictatorial power grab.

Report: House Democrats Plan to ‘Bleed Trump Slowly’ With Investigations

Democrats in the House of Representatives are planning to roll out a lengthy series of investigations into President Donald Trump’s finances and his administration over the next few months as part of a long-term strategy to remove Trump from office, Axios has reported this morning. read more

Expert: Mueller’s Evidence Files Must Be Turned Over to Congress

In an interview with Axios, a top legal expert and former DOJ official said that it will be extremely difficult for the Justice Department (DOJ) to deny members of Congress all of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigatory files. He said that the DOJ would be required under existing legal precedents to turn over Mueller’s evidence files on Donald Trump after he submits his final report to Attorney General William Barr. read more

Speaker Pelosi Is Already Under Pressure to Impeach Trump

As the new Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi is going to have to decide whether or not to begin impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.

This is not a hypothetical question now that Democrats are in control of the House. And even though Pelosi has expressed reluctance to press for impeachment of Trump, after one day she is already under enormous pressure from members of her own House Democratic Caucus. read more

Rachel Maddow And Lawrence O’Donnell Break Down Trump’s Impeachable FBI Building Felony

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell discussed how Trump committed an impeachable felony by refusing to let the FBI move out of a building that is across the street from his Washington DC hotel.

Trump Is Mentally Crumbling Because He Knows That Impeachment Is Coming

According to reports from inside the White House, even Donald Trump knows that impeachment is coming soon after the election.

Mueller Stands Strong As Trump Attacks Backfire

The latest ABC News/Washington Post poll is in line with other recent polling that shows Trump‘s attacks on Mueller are backfiring.

The Washington Post reported:

63 percent of Americans support Mueller’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election, with 52 percent saying they support it strongly; 29 percent oppose the probe. read more

White House Alarms: Trump Watches TV, Tweets, Trusts ‘Gut Instincts’

People in the White House are getting worried. According to insiders who were interviewed by Robert Costa from the Washington Post, the President of the United States has quit talking to people and has become very isolated. They say he spends most of his time watching cable TV and tweeting. read more

Trump Throws A Tantrum When Impeachment Is Mentioned In The White House

Trump has been getting mad at his advisers anytime they mention impeachment, or as he calls it the "I-word" in the White House.

Nearly Half of Americans Want to Start Trump Impeachment Now

A new Axios/Survey Monkey poll released Tuesday reveals 44 percent of respondents want Congress to begin impeachment proceedings against President Trump, including 49% of independent voters. Fully 79 percent of Democrats but just 8 percent of Republicans want an impeachment trial to begin in the U.S. House of Representatives. read more

Rudy Giuliani Threatens The American People With Violence If Trump Is Impeached

The desperation is growing from Trump’s legal team, as Rudy Giuliani is warning of a revolt by the American people if the president is impeached.

Sky News reported:

In an interview with Sky News Rudy Giuliani claimed there was “no reason” for an impeachment and called Mr Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen “a liar”. read more

Trump Says He Can’t Be Impeached Because He’s Doing A Great Job

Forget the crimes and corruption, Donald Trump said that he couldn't be impeached because he is doing a great job.

With Trump Implicated In Felony Crimes, Here’s How Impeachment Works

Trump has now been implicated in multiple felonies, which is why MSNBC's Ali Velshi gave a quick crash course on the impeachment process.

Rep. Maxine Waters Calls For Trump To Be Impeached Now

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) made the case that America can't wait for the next president. Donald Trump must be impeached now.

Trump Is Trying To Bribe House Republicans Not To Vote To Impeach Him

The White House is working on a strategy where Trump would try to help key House Republicans win re-election in return for their voting against impeaching him.

Trump Aides Privately Terrified That Impeachment Is Inevitable If Democrats Retake The House

Those closest to Trump don't believe he grasps what serious trouble he would be in if Democrats win enough seats to take over the House in 2018.

Key Dem Says Firing Robert Mueller Would Be Grounds For Impeaching Trump

"It's clear that Robert Mueller is getting closer. We don't have just smoke now, we've got fire in this Russia investigation."

Dem Congressman Promises Impeachment Proceedings If Trump Fires Mueller And Rosenstein

Democrat Impeachment

"If President Trump were to fire Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein and then got Special Counsel Mueller fired, I believe Congress would begin impeachment proceedings."

Senate Democrat Says Impeachment Should Be On The Table After James Comey’s Testimony

Chris Murphy

Murphy didn't explicitly call for the impeachment of the president, but his comments suggest that Democrats are becoming more comfortable heading down that road.