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Report: Trump Spent the Day Fuming Over his Legal Team’s Impeachment Trial Performance

Tuesday saw the opening of the 2nd impeachment trial of Donald Trump. The Democratic impeachment managers started by arguing against Trump. The arguments were well received, with multiple Republican senators complimenting the performance. Then came Donald Trump’s lawyers. Bruce Castor went first and was a total disaster. Trump ally Alan Dershowitz told Newsmax that he…

Gaetz Obama impeachment over Ukraine aid

Everyone on Political Twitter Agrees That Matt Gaetz Should Leave His House Seat to Become Trump’s Lawyer

Many GOP lawmakers made no secret of their support for Donald Trump. This was obvious when 147 Republican congresspeople voted to overturn November’s election results. But some elected officials stood out for their sheer sycophancy towards Trump. And one the top of that list is Matt Gaetz. The Florida congressman may have been embarrassed when…


Opinion: Mitch’s Impeachment Trial Is, Goosey Lucy Goes To the Senate

Working hand in glove with Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell is producing a Soviet-style sham trial reminiscent of a Kafka novel. It’s got the long arduous hours, giving equal validity to evidence laid out by the Democrats and to the slop Trump’s lawyers threw together because they have nothing else to counter the facts. Contrary to…

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