Tribal Leaders Call for Mount Rushmore to Be Removed Ahead of Trump’s Independence Day Visit

The stone faced Presidents at Mount Rushmore

Two tribal leaders in South Dakota have called for the carvings on Mount Rushmore to removed. They’re highlighting the issue ahead of Donald Trump’s visit to the site on 3 July.

The President will attend an Independence Day celebration at Mount Rushmore with South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem. Local tribal leaders have seized the opportunity to bring up the violation of their sacred land. read more

South Dakota Governor: “We Will Not Be Social Distancing” at Independence Day Event with Trump


The Governor of South Dakota has said there will be no social distancing at an upcoming Independence Day event. She also said masks will not be required at the celebration.

President Donald Trump is due to attend the event marking America’s independence at Mount Rushmore on 3 July.  Republican Governor Kristi Noem told Fox News on Monday there would be no social distancing requirements. read more

Barack Obama and Sarah Palin: A Contrast in Freedom

This 4th of July long weekend provides us with a chance to examine our freedom, and how our leaders view freedom, specifically Barack Obama and self styled shadow president Sarah Palin. Examining Palin and Obama side by side paints an interesting contrast. In 2010, Obama put out a statement praising the, "enduring spirit of America," while in 2009 Palin took to Twitter to and threatened to sue the entire Internet.