Independence Day

Tribal Leaders Call for Mount Rushmore to Be Removed Ahead of Trump’s Independence Day Visit

Tribal Leaders Call for Mount Rushmore to Be Removed Ahead of Trump’s Independence Day Visit

Two tribal leaders in South Dakota have called for the carvings on Mount Rushmore to removed. They're highlighting the issue…

3 years ago

South Dakota Governor: “We Will Not Be Social Distancing” at Independence Day Event with Trump

The Governor of South Dakota has said there will be no social distancing at an upcoming Independence Day event. She…

3 years ago

Republicans Reject Everything In and About the Declaration of Independence

Ignorance is why the Declaration of Independence is in jeopardy of being abolished as a concept and practically destroyed by…

7 years ago

It Is Time For Americans To Declare Their Independence From GOP Religious Oligarchy

Americans should take time today to reflect on just how far the nation has drifted from the Founders' "we the…

8 years ago

CNN’s Republican Personalities Try to Have it Both Ways with Chicago’s Gun Violence

It's been all over the news this week, as well it ought to be. A warm and festive 4th of…

9 years ago

On Independence Day Republicans Crusade To Eliminate the Rights of Half The Population

Republicans at all levels of government, at the behest of the religious right, have launched a vicious crusade to eliminate…

9 years ago

Extremists Launch Treasonous Plot to Overthrow President Obama A Week Before Thanksgiving

Right wing extremists have proclaimed a date a week before Thanksgiving to demand the surrender of President Obama to face…

10 years ago

Real Independence Would be a Government That Worked

Let's remember to celebrate our declaration of independence, a political act whose primary intent was to achieve a government that…

10 years ago

The Tyranny of Flag Waving Rights Stealing Republicans Tarnishes Independence Day

A growing segment of the population are exploring new ways to subvert other citizens' freedoms and expressing their desire to…

10 years ago

When Pressed Conservatives Can’t Name One Reality Based Example of Obama Tyranny

It is noteworthy that regardless the cries of tyranny, conservative and libertarian devotees never cite one example that could be…

11 years ago

Republican Governors Declare Independence from Human Compassion

Unsatisfied with their callous performances as governors, some of the GOP's cruelest politicians have ratcheted up their psychopath game to…

11 years ago

Some Independence Day Humor from Lipstick Liberal

It's a day to remember the sacrifices that went with gaining our Independence from Britain.

11 years ago

Celebrating the Triumph of Our Liberal Revolution

Nothing is more liberal than a revolution; the best conservatism can manage is counter-revolution to restore the status quo lost…

11 years ago

Barack Obama and Sarah Palin: A Contrast in Freedom

This 4th of July long weekend provides us with a chance to examine our freedom, and how our leaders view…

13 years ago