WATCH: Queen of Gaslighting Kayleigh McEnany Says “Everyone Was Expecting Peace” on Day of Insurrection

On January 6th, a large mob of Donald Trump supporters stormed the United States Capitol. And they largely did it on television. Americans sat in front of their TV’s and watched the event live.

Despite the fact that the insurrection is still burned into people’s memories, many prominent Republicans are trying to gaslight them about the event. Ron Johnson has pushed the idea that some of the rioters were “fake Trump supporters.” read more

Mike Pence And Donald Trump Are Still Close Friends

Trump puts Pence in charge of Coronavirus

Donald Trump doesn’t have much use for friends. His two closest friends were a bodyguard who worked in his administration and Michael Cohen, a lawyer who went to jail for him.

Once the usefulness of the friendship has come to pass, Trump is quick to take the exit ramp. And when Mike Pence decided not to help the former president overturn the election, he wasn’t all that useful anymore. read more

Fox News Cut Away From Impeachment Trial When Explosive New Insurrection Footage Was Being Shown

Over the last two days, House impeachment managers have laid out a devastating case against Donald Trump. And a big part of the success of that case has been video footage.

On Wednesday, new video was presented from the insurrection and it was quite damning. It is unlikely, however, to change the mind of Republican voters who watch Fox News. The network cut away shortly before the footage was shown. read more

Fox’s Pete Hegseth on Trump Insurrection: “What Happened, Happened.”

The attack on the US Capitol last week was a first in multiple ways. Of course, the attack was unprecedented. But the assault on Democracy also represented the first time where almost all Republicans were willing to admit that Donald Trump did something bad.

And while some are willing to punish Trump for his actions, many others are looking to ignore the situation and hope it goes away. This was the tact Pete Hegseth had on Wednesday when he said of the insurrection, “what happened, happened.”

Hegseth said during Fox News‘ The Five, “When you talk to Trump supporters, who I talk to on a regular basis, there is a feeling that for the most part this was a protest that got out of hand, as Jesse talked about. They heard the president speak. He talked about being peaceful and patriotic. There was a lot of frustration on the ground that day. I was there covering it for Fox & Friends. But overwhelmingly what you didn’t see from that crowd or the words from the president, was insurrection or incitement to violence.”

The Fox host continued:

“What happened, happened. We can talk about it and deal with it. But if the left — the left never misses an opportunity, never, to try to use a moment to crush their political opponents. They see this as the moment to do that to Trump and of course the RINOs on the right, I mean there’s not a Republican out there that’s looking to go back to the years of Bush/Cheney, at least those 75 million that supported President Trump.” read more

US Attorney Hints That Trump Could Be Charged As Part Of Insurrection Investigation

Donald Trump had been asking his supporters to fight for him for weeks. It began with a flyer he distributed promising that January 6th in Washington DC would be a wild time.

Then there were weeks of tweets with his claims of frauds getting more extreme by the day. And then there was the speech that he gave yesterday morning. Not only did he direct his fans to head to the Capitol he even hinted that he may join them.

And all of this rhetoric helped incite a riot in Washington DC. The US Attorney who will be investigating the case, Michael Sherwin, said Trump may be a part of his investigation.

Trump wasn’t the only one inciting violence during his Wednesday speech. His son, Donald Jr. and Rudy Giuliani also stoked the flames. Sherwin was asked if those who spoke at the rally would be looking into.

Yes,” he responded, “we are looking at all actors here, not only the people that went into the building, but . . . were there others that maybe assisted or facilitated or played some ancillary role in this. We will look at every actor and all criminal charges read more

Tucker Carlson’s Defense of Donald Trump: “Is Any Single President Worth All This Time and Attention?”

Tucker Carlson Masks

Comedian John Mulaney brilliantly described that it’s like to be an American with Trump in the White House in his 2018 special Kid Gorgeous. He referred to Trump as, “a horse in a hospital,” meaning absolute chaos is always right around the corner.

And that unbridled chaos broke out yesterday in Washington DC as a Trump provoked mob stormed the US Capitol.

Trump, of course, was entirely to blame for the seditionists attacking the people’s house. His actions were completely indefensible. That didn’t mean, though, that Tucker Carlson wasn’t going to try.

In an effort to absolve the President for the sins of his term, Carlson argued that we’re just paying Trump too much attention.

The Fox host began the segment, “The people in charge of every institution in American life now spend all day talking about Donald Trump. You may not have noticed because that’s not very different from any other day over the past five years. Since the moment he announced for office it has been all about Donald Trump all the time. The effect on us has been noticeable, we’ve gone from being this big continental country with an enormous span of concerns and interests to a sweaty chat room of 300 million people all of whom are focused on a single man, Donald Trump.”

Tucker Carlson defends Donald Trump by asking, "is any single President worth all this time and attention?"

— PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) January 8, 2021 read more

Trump: Any Protests Upon My Re-Election Will Be Put Down Quickly

Donald Trump and the GOP went into the Republican National Convention hoping for a significant boost in their polling numbers. The Convention came and went and that polling bounce does not seem to have occurred.

The President will now be looking towards the fall debates against Joe Biden as maybe his last opportunity to change his horrible poll numbers. And he’s confident that he will be able to do so.

Trump has conducted an interview with Fox host Jeanine Pirro that is set to air on Saturday. In an advanced clip from the discussion the President talked about the potential for mass protests if he is to be re-elected. Trump said that if there are protests, he will move to end the “insurrection” quickly.

Pirro asked Trump what he would do if he’s re-elected and “riots” occur. “

We’ll put them down very quickly if they do that,” he responded. “We have the right to do that. We have the power to do that, if we want.” read more