John Bolton Asked for Military Options to Strike Iran Last Year

John Bolton is the National Security Advisor of the United States of America, and last year he directed Donald Trump’s National Security Council to explore options for a preemptive military operation that would attack the country of Iran. The Wall Street Journal reported this shocking new information in its Sunday edition. read more

Trump Moves to Impose New Economic Sanctions on Iran

The Trump administration on Monday moved to put back in place the first round of economic sanctions on Iran that had been suspended under the 2015 nuclear agreement.

US moves to restore some Iran sanctions lifted under nuclear deal read more

Bolton Threatens European Allies With Retaliation Over Iran

Foreign affairs is not an area of expertise for President Donald Trump, and his withdrawal of the U.S. from the Iran nuclear deal is just the latest example.  As Stimson Center arms control expert Michael Krepon aptly put it recently, “Diplomacy isn’t Trump’s strong suit. Trashing Barack Obama’s accomplishments is.” read more

Trump’s $270 Billion Gift to Putin Is Bad for All Americans

Could Donald Trump’s move on the Iran deal have been done to spike oil prices to save the Russian economy?  We can’t know the answer to that question, because Trump’s motives are not clear.  However we do know with certainty that Russia’s economy has been in deep trouble because of low oil prices.  We also know that Trump’s Iran move is having a direct impact on current and future oil prices as well. read more

Trump’s Iran Move May Lead to a War In the Middle East

Trump’s move on Iran has increased the chances of war in the Middle East, according to the Washington Post.

And if that happens there is a real possibility that the United States would directly be involved in the war and not just watch from the sidelines. read more

Obama, Biden, And Kerry All Slam Trump For Iran Deal Move

When Barack Obama was president, Joe Biden was vice president, and John Kerry was secretary of state, the U.S. government seemed to operate much more smoothly.  Those three people were not only brilliant and dedicated statesmen but they knew how to work together, tamping down their egos for the good of all. read more

GOP Strategist Steve Schmidt Perfectly Captures Trump As An Incompetent Obama Stalker

Republican strategist Steve Schmidt said on MSNBC that incompetent Trump had made the world less safe because he is obsessed with undoing Obama's legacy.

Obama Just Made A Chump Of Trump By Destroying His Iran Deal Lies

Former President Barack Obama released a statement after Trump withdrew the US from the Iran nuclear deal that amounted to a point by point debunking of Trump's falsehoods about the agreement.

Adam Schiff Blasts Trump For Undermining National Security With Iran Deal Withdrawal

Adam Schiff evidence Trump/Russia collusion

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said that Trump has undermined national security and made a historic mistake by withdrawing from the Iran deal.

A Snorting And Out Of It Trump Withdraws The US From Iran Deal

Trump was snorting, out of it, and seemed to have no idea what he was reading as he withdrew the US from the Iran deal.

Trump Is About To Make You Pay More For Gas By Killing The Iran Deal

One of the economic consequences of Trump's killing of the Iran deal is that it will cost already increasing gasoline prices to go even higher.

MSNBC Demolishes Trump With Awesome Iran Deal Fact Check

MSNBC's Ali Velshi cut through the administration's lies and rhetoric and delivered the facts on the Iran deal that Trump appears to be allergic to uttering.

Iran Annihilates ‘Dictator’ Trump For Pulling U.S. Out Of Nuclear Agreement

Whether it's our allies in Europe or our adversaries in Iran, Russia, and North Korea, the United States has become viewed as a weak and untrustworthy laughingstock under Donald Trump.

Dangerous Trump Plans To Pull Out Of Iran Deal And Create Second Nuclear Crisis

Trump's reckless determination to tear up the legacy of his far superior predecessor – Barack Obama – may make him feel better, but it's putting actual lives at risk.

Trump Administration Slams Obama’s Iran Deal One Day After Admitting It’s A Huge Success

Donald Trump

After bombing two countries, provoking North Korea, and losing an aircraft carrier, the Trump administration is now picking a fight with Iran.

House Freedom Caucus Document Explains Why the House Is Ungovernable

The recent revelation of a House Freedom Caucus 'questionnaire for prospective candidates for the Speakers' position clears up why Republicans are terrified of being Speaker, and why there is no good outcome as long as Cruz's House Freedom Caucus is allowed to exist.

Once Wasn’t Enough So Senate Democrats Humiliate Mitch McConnell Again By Blocking Iran Vote

Mitch McConnell tried to threaten Senate Democrats into supporting the resolution of disapproval of the Iran deal, and Democrats responded by handing the Senate Majority a second humiliating defeat.