President Obama Tears Apart Senate Republicans For Sending Treasonous Iran Letter

President Obama had strong words for the Republicans who signed the letter Iran. The president said in the trailer for his interview with Vice that Republicans embarrassed themselves by sending the letter to a government that they consider to be their "mortal enemy."

Over 230,000 Americans Demand That The 47 Iran Letter Republicans Face Criminal Charges

The White House petition demanding that the forty-seven Republicans who signed the letter to Iran has surpassed 230,000 signatures in less than three days as the outrage over the overt act of Republican sabotage is showing no signs of slowing.

Bernie Sanders Explains How 47 Treasonous GOP Senators Tried To Sabotage World Peace

bernie sanders iran letter

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) explained that the treasonous behavior of the forty-seven Iran letter senators is a danger to world peace.

Hillary Clinton Uses Email Press Conference To Annihilate Republicans Over Iran Letter

hillary clinton republican senators iran letter

Former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton turned the tables on Republicans by using the press conference about her emails to obliterate the 47 Republican senators who tried to undermine President Obama with their letter to Iran.

Republicans Are Worried That Treasonous Tom Cotton’s Iran Letter Is Backfiring

tom cotton morning joe

Republicans are starting to realize that trying to sabotage the President Of The United States might not have been such a good idea. Republicans are openly worrying that Sen. Tom Cotton's letter to Iran may end up backfiring by uniting Democrats around their president.