Trump Moves to Impose New Economic Sanctions on Iran

The Trump administration on Monday moved to put back in place the first round of economic sanctions on Iran that had been suspended under the 2015 nuclear agreement.

US moves to restore some Iran sanctions lifted under nuclear deal read more

Iran Threatens “Strong Countermeasures” if U.S. Blocks Oil Exports

The game of chicken being played between Iran and the Trump administration continued Th on Tuesday as the Iranian foreign ministry in Tehran said there will be strong countermeasures taken if the United States continues to try to block its oil exports.

As Michael Cohen Gets Ready To Flip, Trump Cooks Up A New Desperate Obama Smear

Trump tried to distract from his former lawyer Michael Cohen potentially flipping on him by repeating an unproven Fox News smear about Obama.

Europe and Iran Both Reject Pompeo’s Speech on Nuclear Deal

Yesterday new U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave a speech at the conservative Heritage Foundation setting forth the Trump Administration’s policies on Iran in the wake of their withdrawal from the nuclear deal that had been negotiated by the Obama Administration. read more

The U.S. Will Lose Leverage By Leaving Iran Nuclear Deal

To use an old NASA phrase, by backing out of the Iran nuclear deal Donald Trump may really have “screwed the pooch.” His actions will probably not accomplish what he thinks they will, and in fact may do the opposite of what he intended. read more

Bolton Threatens European Allies With Retaliation Over Iran

Foreign affairs is not an area of expertise for President Donald Trump, and his withdrawal of the U.S. from the Iran nuclear deal is just the latest example.  As Stimson Center arms control expert Michael Krepon aptly put it recently, “Diplomacy isn’t Trump’s strong suit. Trashing Barack Obama’s accomplishments is.” read more

Supreme Leader of Iran Trolls Trump With Twitter Post

This morning many people are wondering if the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei, actually has a sense of humor.  Historically, the Ayatollahs of Iran have not given the world much to laugh about, but that may have just changed. read more

Trump Loses His Temper At Photo-Op And Threatens War With Iran

At a joint photo-op with French president Macron, Donald Trump lost his temper in front of the world and threatened a new war in the Middle East if Iran restarts their nuclear program.

Out Of His Mind Trump Starts A Conflict With Iran By Killing The Iran Nuclear Deal

Trump is pushing the world closer to a nuclear showdown by killing the Iran nuclear deal for no other reason that it was accomplished by President Obama.

Paul Ryan Promises House Will Do Everything Possible to Sabotage Peace with Iran

Paul Ryan government shutdown

Paul Ryan dwells on the capture of 10 American sailors while ignoring their release, seeming to dismiss the possibility of peace with Iran

Benjamin Netanyahu Realizes He Needs Obama and Democrats After All

Netanyahu comes crawling to Washington for some foreign aid. Despite all the bluster, he knows who needs whom more in U.S.-Israeli relations

A Tea Party Fascist Will Be Second In Line To the Presidency By Halloween

The two leading candidates for House speaker are mirror images and both will dutifully follow the Ted Cruz shut-down-the-government agenda

Iranian President Laughs At Republicans And Compares Them To Saddam Hussein

Iranian President Rouhani said tearing up an international agreement "is something that only the likes of Saddam Hussein would do."

Meet The 25 House Democrats Who Betrayed Peace By Joining Republicans In Opposing Iran Deal

While 162 Democrats stood with the president, 25 Democrats defected and sided with the Republicans in the House.

Boehner Says Obama’s Unwillingness to Attack Iran Shows a Lack of Commitment to Democracy

There is no low Republicans will not sink to when they are deprived of the opportunity to launch another baseless attack an innocent nation

GOP’s Epic Failure To Stop Iran Deal Started With Netanyahu Stunt In March

The Israeli Prime Ministers speech to Congress backfired and pushed Democrats who were on the fence into siding with President Obama.

440 Rabbis Now Urge Congress to Support Iran Nuclear Deal

obama iran press conference

The pressure on Congress continues to mount as 340 Rabbis have become 440, and only the gang who gave us the Iraq War support an Iran War.

51 Christian Faith Leaders Smack Down Republicans By Supporting Obama on Iran

obama weekly address iran deal

More and more groups have come forward to support the president. The latest is a group of 51 Christian leaders, who represent dozens of Christian denominations and organizations. In a letter to Congress, they voiced their support of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) as the best means of keeping nuclear weapons out of the hands of Iran.

More Than 70 Nuclear Nonproliferation Experts Announce Support for Iran Nuclear Deal

The Republicans find themselves increasingly alone in opposing the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), commonly known as the Iran nuclear deal. Back on July 20, not only did the United Nations Security Council unanimously endorse the JCPOA, but we saw a “Statement by National Security Leaders on the Announcement of a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action” signed by 60 national security leaders, from cabinet members to senators. read more

Bush National Security Adviser Backs Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal

Former national security adviser Brent Snowcroft says rejecting the Iran deal "is an abdication of America's unique role and responsibility"