Lindsey Graham Blames President Obama For The Mess That He Helped Cause In Iraq

South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham insisted on Monday that the Iraq War was not a mistake.

Jeb Bush Flip-Flops And Finally Decides That The Iraq War Was A Bad Idea

On Thursday, Bush finally relented and joined others in the GOP field in admitting that the Iraq War was a mistake.

Obama Sends 1500 Advisers to Iraq – Fox News Freaks Out

As President Obama sends 1500 troops to Iraq to advise, train, and assist, Fox News sees only a broken promise and troops on the ground

President Obama Talks Strategy with Anti-ISIL Coalition

President Obama pointed to the ideological component and to the economic conditions which contribute to ISIL's recruitment of young men from across the region

ISIL and the Limits of the Republican Alternate Reality Bubble

The U.S. must tread carefully in Iraq. The GOP's reality bubble will not protect them - or the rest of us - from real world, as opposed to fantasy, consequences

Megyn Kelly Uses Bush’s Defense of Iraq Surge to Blame Obama for ISIL

All Megyn Kelly had to do is re-write history, ignoring the fact that Bush followed up his warning by signing SOFA, agreeing to withdraw US troops from Iraq

The Neocon Iraqi Lie the Mainstream Media Won’t Let Die

The sad truth is that Iraq is in the shape it is today in because of what the US has already done. How, we must ask ourselves now, is doing it again going to undo it?

Dick Cheney Rewrites History And Blames Iraq Violence On Obama In Disgusting Op-Ed

Dick Cheney, along with his daughter Liz, penned an unbelievable piece of retcon tripe for the Wall Street Journal where they claimed that Obama lost the war that was already won, while at the same time positioning Dick Cheney as a hero.