Iraq War

Beyond Disowning Trump, GOP Apostates Must Be Accountable for History of Exploiting Political Offices at People’s Expense

Joe Scarborough, former Republican but still self-proclaimed conservative host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, has hoisted himself into media and political…

3 years ago

As Trump Calls Him Stupid, Jeb Complains President Obama Uses Big Words

"Big syllable words and lots of fancy conferences and meetings and - We're not leading. That creates chaos. It creates…

7 years ago

John Bolton Was Wrong About Iraq WMDs But Says Trust him on Iran Nukes

John Bolton's New York Times op-ed exposes not only Bolton's flawed thinking but the Times' tendency to ape Fox News

8 years ago

Ralph Nader Attacks the Imperial Presidency but Ignores the Do-Nothing Congress

Ralph Nader is railing against the "imperial presidency" but has nothing to say about our runaway, do-nothing Congress. It makes…

10 years ago

The Bush Presidential Library, Museum and Think Tank. Think Tank?

Thursday marks the dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, not to mention a think tank. What…

10 years ago

The Iraq Invasion Could Be a Worse Foreign Policy Decision than the Vietnam War

This month, an article argued the Iraq War was the single worst foreign policy decision in US history. This may…

10 years ago

An Examination of a Legit Defense Expenditure Would Out a Number Of Illegitimate Money-Wasters

The U.S. has an enormous number of military personnel and weaponry in the U.S. territory of Guam. It's legit, but…

10 years ago

President Obama is More Popular Now than During His First Term

The GOP finds itself in trouble as Obama's popularity soars and their own plummets, and Obama's second term only promises…

10 years ago

Opposition to Chuck Hagel is a No-Win Scenario for the GOP

There is no conceivable outcome in which GOP opposition to Chuck Hagel ends happily for Republicans

10 years ago

Unlike most of your public utterances Republicans, Hillary was telling the truth

Unlike most of the words that come out of Republicans like John Bolton's mouths, Sec. of State Hillary Clinton was…

10 years ago

Tea Party Fantasies of Sending Obama to Prison for Benghazi

Tea Partiers indulge in wild fantasies of sending President Obama to prison since they haven't managed to impeach him for…

10 years ago

The Republican hyperbole about the ‘fiscal cliff’ is deafening and misleading

The ongoing debate about the fiscal cliff continues as the U.S. approaches the current debt ceiling. Republicans are responsible for…

10 years ago

Move Over Star Wars: A Trilogy of GOP Cognitive Dissonance: 2008, 2012, 2016

The Republican Party's doldrums are likely to continue until they acknowledge reality, but there are no signs of that happening…

10 years ago

The Mystery that is Hillary Clinton: To be, or not to be a 2016 Candidate

There are 2 prominent women who could assume their party's mantle as Presidential candidates in 2016. They are Condoleezza Rice…

10 years ago

After a near-perfect military career, General Patraeus hits a snag

Army General, David Patraeus was destined for greatness from his first year at West Point. Sadly, an affair tainted his…

10 years ago

The GOP’s Vorpal Blade of Cognitive Dissonance Goes Snicker-Snack!

Reality is the ultimate enemy of Republican ideology, so Tom Tancredo picks up his vorpal blade and shows himself asylum-ready

10 years ago

Mitt Romney Called Bringing Our Troops Home from Iraq ‘Tragic’

Mitt Romney would have left 30,000 troops in Iraq. He called bringing them home 'tragic'. Romney wants to leave our…

10 years ago

Ann Romney Thinks a Mormon Mission is the Same as Serving in the Military

While on The View, Ann Romney said their family finds different ways of serving, with their sons having served their…

10 years ago

Don’t expect Obama/Romney part deux Biden is one tough cookie

Joe Biden debates Paul Ryan in the only Vice Presidential nominee debate. Biden is expert in Foreign Affairs and very…

10 years ago

McCain Confirms Romney’s Desire for an Indefinite Iraq and Afghanistan Presence

John McCain confirmed this morning that a Mitt Romney administration would leave our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq indefinitely.

10 years ago