NY Attorney General: Trump Charity Illegally Bankrolled His Campaign

Despite pleas from the president’s attorneys, the Attorney General of New York has pledged to continue with a lawsuit against the president for misusing charitable funds donated to the Trump Foundation. According to her,Trump used the Foundation as a personal piggybank and a source of money to illegally fund his businesses and also his political campaign. read more

Trump & His Children are Going Down Now That Weisselberg Has Flipped

A lawsuit filed back in June by the State of New York has the potential to bring down Donald Trump and his children as it exposes a conspiracy to misuse charitable funds and break multiple laws. This is especially true now that Trump’s financial executive, Allen Weisselberg, is cooperating with prosecutors. read more

Calls Grow For The IRS Investigate The Trump Foundation For Crimes

A dozen public interest organizations are calling on the IRS to investigate the Trump Foundation for criminal violations of the US tax code.