Democrats Ask Watchdog To Investigate The IRS For Not Auditing Trump

House Ways and Means Democrats have requested that the Government Accountability Office (GAO) investigate the IRS for not auditing Trump.

2 months ago

The IRS Audited Biden But Not Trump

The IRS did not complete a single audit of Donald Trump during his four years in office, but President Biden…

3 months ago

Trump Repeatedly Told Staff he Wanted the DOJ and IRS to Investigate His Critics

Trump repeatedly told his White House Chief of Staff John Kelly that he wanted a number of his perceived political…

4 months ago

NY AG Letitia James Turns Evidence Of Trump Bank Fraud Over To The IRS And Federal Prosecutors

New York Attorney General Letitia James has found evidence of federal crimes such as bank fraud and turned the evidence…

6 months ago

Trump’s Lawyers Plead Immunity From the IRS to Avoid Congressional Scrutiny

Trump's lawyers contend Congress has no authority to investigate individuals and cannot demand personal, confidential information.

2 years ago

Leaked IRS Data Shows Just How Much the Wealthy Are Ripping Us Off

For the past four decades, this country has slogged under a system promoting the discredited theory that if we give…

2 years ago

Trump Administration Says It Could Take 20 Weeks for Some to Receive Stimulus Checks

Americans won't likely see direct payments from the coronavirus stimulus bill until April 13, and the Trump administration says it…

3 years ago

Treasury Sec Steven Mnuchin Announces April 15 ‘Tax Day’ Has Been Delayed

A number of reasonable changes to accommodate America's new reality in dealing with the coronavirus crisis have been proposed and…

3 years ago

Calls Grow For The IRS Investigate The Trump Foundation For Crimes

A dozen public interest organizations are calling on the IRS to investigate the Trump Foundation for criminal violations of the…

5 years ago

Trump IRS Nominee Didn’t Disclose He Owns Trump Branded Properties

President Donald Trump's new nominee to be in charge of the Internal Revenue Service improperly failed to disclose that he…

5 years ago

Donald Trump, His Foundation and Florida’s Attorney General Epitomize Corruption

The media refuses shine a light on real corruption of Trump’s foundation, or report that he admitted guilt in using…

7 years ago

Paul Ryan Brags Up GOP Priorities – Not the Middle Class, But Big Oil and Corporations

Ryan says he wants to protect us from the overreach of intrusive government bureaucracies but he really wants to protect…

7 years ago

Struggling To Stay Relevant, Rand Paul Takes Chainsaw To US Tax Code

Presidential hopeful Kentucky Senator Rand Paul released a video of him carving up pages of the tax code with a…

8 years ago

Right-Wing Clergy Are Violating the Law With Impunity Right Up To Election Day

It is no great shock, then, that the religious right, staunch supporters of corrupt Republicans, are blatantly violating the law…

8 years ago

Bernie Sanders Sends Shudders Up Koch Spines By Explaining Why Republicans Attack The IRS

Sen Bernie Sanders exposed a dirty little secret that the Kochs and other conservative billionaires don't want you to know.…

9 years ago

Led by Darrell Issa, House Republicans Are Taking America Back to McCarthyism

This week, Issa took a page straight out of McCarthy's tactics and for the first time since the McCarthy era…

9 years ago

Darrell Issa Desperately Tries to Unite the GOP Against Obama’s ‘Imperial Presidency’

Darrell Issa claimed he wanted to "shape" the debate, and in doing so, urged Republicans to unify against President Obama's…

9 years ago

Free Speech Is an Unclear Concept to the Tea Party

Like most things including the second amendment, the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party has a special way of…

10 years ago

Republicans Complain About Incompetence After They’ve Spent Years Defunding the IRS

The IRS is tasked with collecting taxes to fund services all Americans depend on, but they can't properly do their…

10 years ago

Mitt Flipped-Flopped At the Debate, but Jim Lehrer was the Biggest Loser

Obama wasn't on his game, as he looked down a lot and didn't speak eloquently like he normally would. Romney…

10 years ago