Trump Falls Flat On His Face By Attacking The Wrong Theresa May On Twitter

This petty attack on one of our closest allies was embarrassing enough. But he solidified his image as the laughingstock of the world by inadvertently attacking a private citizen instead.

Minnesota Mosque Officials Stunned By Trump’s Silence Two Days After Terrorist Attack

For a guy who has fought to ban Muslims from the country and has repeatedly denigrated and isolated those who practice Islam, both at home and abroad, Trump's silence is certainly not surprising. 

Trump Picks Anti-Muslim Extremist Michael Flynn To Be National Security Adviser

Michael Flynn

Trump's choice of Flynn is unsurprising given the anti-Muslim aura that surrounded the president-elect during his campaign.

Fox News Ramps Up Trump McCarthyism by Invoking Anti-Communist Acts

"Keep in mind, when Donald Trump brings this up, this is not new. When the communist threat was the number one is Islamic extremists today."

Trump Draws Blame For Slain N.Y. Imam And His Assistant

"We blame Donald Trump for this . . .his drama has created Islamophobia. This is a hate crime no matter which way you look at it."

SPLC President Issues Warning to Congress About Radical Right Terrorism

"Neither the House nor the Senate has held hearings on the terrorism directed at law enforcement antigovernment zealots such as the Bundys."

Oklahoma Republican Calls For “Final Solution” To Muslims Because “Islam Is Not a Religion”

"We have no long term alternative but to quarantine them… prohibiting them from residing anywhere within the civilized nations of the Earth."

Ted Cruz’s Appallingly Un-American Plan to Patrol Muslim Neighborhoods

Cruz says, "We need to empower law enforcement to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized"

John Kasich Proposes Federal Agency To “Push Christianity” On the Middle East

Kasich subscribes to the Republican delusion that the road to peace depends upon forcing extremist Christianity down Muslim throats

President Obama’s Brilliant Religious Freedom Speech Lost On Religious Republicans

Some may argue that evangelicals lack any humanity, because if they did they would not be driven by inhumanity toward anything not Christian

Did Netanyahu Just Promise Vengeance for Obama’s Iran Nuclear Accord?

Benjamin Netanyahu did not like Barack Obama's refusal to grant him control of U.S. foreign policy and a Kuwaiti paper says he wants revenge

Trump Kicks Muslim Woman Out of Event Because She Stood Up

A Muslim woman stood up in silent protest of Trump's attacks on Syrian refugees, and found herself escorted out to boos and catcalls

Bill O’Reilly Attacks on Muslims Another Facet of GOP Revisionist History

Bill O'Reilly dishonestly claims that Germans looked the other way when Hitler rose to power and that Muslims are doing the same with ISIL

Please Do Tell, Benham Brothers, Why We Liberals Hate Christmas

The Benham brothers don't experience reality like the rest of us, so their explanation of why we liberals hate Christmas is rather bizarre

Bush Created ISIS – Not Hillary Rodham Clinton

Bush's response to 9/11 played directly into Osama bin Laden's hands and provided a recruiting tool groups like ISIS could not exist without

Islamophobes Closed A Virginia County’s Schools and Caused A Tenured Professor’s Suspension

Both the school district shuttering and University suspension center around the GOP and evangelical movement's current cause, Islamophobia

Donald Trump Freaks Out Because Syrian Refugees Have Cell Phones

Donald Trump wants to know why Syrian refugees have cell phones, who they might be calling, and who is paying for them, 'hint, hint.'

Hillary Clinton Takes to Twitter and Owns the Republican Debaters

hillary clinton dnc summer meeting

While the Republican candidates were embarrassing themselves on CNN, Hillary Clinton was busy embarrassing them on Twitter

Donald Trump’s Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Caused 19 Acts of Domestic Terrorism Last Week

The GOP is inciting domestic terrorism toward Muslims, anyone that might appear to be Middle Eastern, or anyplace a Muslim might worship