Barack Obama, High Priest of Baal

When Republicans recently declined to meet with President Obama, it was a rejection of Old Testament proportions. The degree of concern over President Obama’s religion is truly astounding. How can any God-fearing Republican have any time at all for any liberal? It’s like inviting a Canaanite to dinner, or for the Republicans in this case, agreeing to meet with the high priest of Baal in his house.

Religious Fundamentalism Defies Simple Answers

CNN reports that the Catholic Church is concerned about the sustainability of Christian communities (most of them not Catholic) in the Middle East. The fear is that Islamic fundamentalism poses a threat to their survival. What is interesting from the perspective of the American political/religious landscape is the reason given for this Islamic threat, and that is that "Oftentimes, relations between Christians and Muslims are difficult, principally because Muslims make no distinction between religion and politics."

Tea Partiers Want Their Own Sharia Law

It is past time, as the Midterm Elections approach, that American voters look at exactly what sort of country the Tea Partiers, conservative Republicans and the Religious Right, want to give us. If you think it is in any great respect different from a country governed by Sharia law, you are wrong.

Evangelicals Speaks Out Against Politicized Hate

These are dark days, festering with fear and deliberate manipulation of the masses into a frenzied rage against “the other”. But there are some voices speaking out against politicized hate; voices speaking out for the power of love, tolerance and acceptance. Their names may not be as recognizable as say, Frank Schaeffer, who is also doing plenty to speak out against hate as espoused by the modern day evangelical movement, but they are committed to peace and dialogue.

The Right Pretends Their Last Three Weeks of Bigotry Never Happened

yesterday, after weeks of ginning up hate, we had the RNC talking point denial of stoking violence memo via Sarah Palin’s Facebook Page and Boehner tried it on ABC News' Good Morning America --a mistake- he was obviously more concerned with his tan than any sort of real leadership on this issue and he sounded like a spoiled frat boy. The one thing we heard in all of their CYA talking points puppetry was a rather petty and obvious comparison of burning books to building a community center. Today is the day when we are supposed to forget how we got here.

The Sleazy German Past of Qur’an Hating Pastor Terry Jones

The Pastor of the church in Florida that is planning to burn the Quran has a sleazy past in Germany involving both allegations of financial wrong-doing and being convicted for using a false PhD. This is the man the far Right are defending. This is their base, their audience, and the sort of people who are clearly easily seduced by the regular shots of GOP inspired crazy into doing horrific things.