Kinzinger: We Can’t Make Taylor Greene Stop Being a Republican But We Can Kick Her Out of House Conference

Marjorie Taylor Greene seems to step in a different controversy each week. But the last week has been particularly galling…

2 years ago

Lauren Boebert Makes Bogus Claim That Trump Stopped Hamas From Attacking Israel

Representative Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) referred to former President Donald Trump as "the Peace President" in a tweet claiming that he…

2 years ago

A Newsmax Host Has Been Pulled Off The Air After Anti-Semitic Comments

Since Joe Biden was inaugurated in January, Fox News has been on a rampage. All of the networks anchors, but…

2 years ago

Jared Kushner Cancelled an MSNBC Appearance Last Minute, Then Went on Fox News

Despite his complete and utter lack of credentials, Donald Trump has given Jared Kushner a number of different tasks. One…

2 years ago

Biden Campaign Calls Pompeo “Absolutely Disgraceful” for Plan to Deliver RNC Speech from Jerusalem

The Biden campaign has slammed Mike Pompeo's upcoming speech at the Republican National Convention because he will broadcast it from…

2 years ago

Understanding Trump’s Support for Israel as Part of his Racist, Anti-Semitic Agenda

President Trump, we should know by now, is the master of distraction, making it hard for the news cycle to…

3 years ago

Stunning Report Shows The CIA Warned Israel That Trump Was A Putin Puppet Who Can’t Be Trusted

Before Trump was sworn in, the CIA warned Israel that Vladimir Putin had “leverages of pressure” over Trump.

5 years ago

Trump Shovels Dirt On His Grave By Denying He Said Israel Was Source Of Classified Intel

Trump pulled the media aside while in Israel on Monday and made the Russia scandal worse by denying that he…

6 years ago

Netanyahu Says Trump’s Illegal Attack on Syria ‘Setting Example For Free World’

“Israel fully supports President Trump’s decision and hopes that this message of resolve...will resonate not only in Damascus, but in…

6 years ago

John Kerry Condemns Israeli Foreign Policy Driven By Extreme Right-Wing Elements

“The Israeli prime minister publicly supports a two-state solution, but his current coalition is the most right-wing in Israeli history,…

6 years ago

The Republican Quest to Defund the United Nations May Hurt the US More Than the UN

Trump seems intent on following in the footsteps, not of our most successful modern president, Barack H. Obama, but rather…

6 years ago

President Obama Stands Up To Israeli Netanyahu’s Aggression in Palestine

The U.N. reaffirmed its consensus that settlements have no legal validity. The United States has been sending a message that…

6 years ago

Donald Trump’s Middle East Policy is Shaping Up to be a Disaster

Blame Trump's uninformed decision-making processes, which is based entirely on the faulty assumption that he is a “smart guy.”

6 years ago

Trump’s Promised Move of US Embassy to Jerusalem Already Underway

"Moving the embassy to the capital of the Jewish people, to Jerusalem, is a straightforward, standard thing to do." Except…

6 years ago

President Obama Says It’s Time To Stop Subsidizing Israeli Defense Industry

It's time for Israel to fund its own military and stop killing American jobs with a “special relationship” subsidizing its…

6 years ago

John Kasich Tries to Teach the Bible to Talmudic Scholars

One can only picture the results of this cringe-worthy moment with President Kasich and a group of Muslims instead

7 years ago

At AIPIC, Paul Ryan And Company Showed They Love Israel More Than America

Ryan said at AIPIC that "A confident America stands by its allies." It's just a shame the GOP doesn't stand…

7 years ago

Bernie Sanders Made the Right Decision to Skip ‘Pro-Israel’ AIPIC Conference

A second American Revolution can be won in California with its 55 electoral votes, but not in Galilee, which gets…

7 years ago

Republicans Offer Us a Foreign Policy Of Campaign Slogans and Sound Bites

Trump says he has best temperament for the job, Graham say his worldview is gibberish, and Cruz claims Trump would…

7 years ago

Did Netanyahu Just Promise Vengeance for Obama’s Iran Nuclear Accord?

Benjamin Netanyahu did not like Barack Obama's refusal to grant him control of U.S. foreign policy and a Kuwaiti paper…

7 years ago