Ivanka Trump May Be Forced to Testify Before House Committees

House Democrats are investigating Donald Trump’s possibly illegal business dealings, and they may bring Ivanka Trump before Congress to testify about what she knows.

Axios reported this morning that House Democrats are planning to have Ivanka testify because she has significant inside information about the inner workings of the Trump Organization. read more

Why Bob Mueller Is About Destroy the Entire Trump Family

Most media reports leave out the long history of Trump’s Russia relations which go back decades. But knowing about this history is needed in order to understand all of  the facts and allegations surrounding the Mueller probe into Russian interference in the 2016 elections. It also helps explain how Mueller will be able to soon take down not only Donald Trump but also several of his children. read more

Mueller Has a ‘Conspiracy Case’ to ‘Ensnare Trump and His Family’

Former federal prosecutor Peter Zeidenberg says that special counsel Robert Mueller is building a “conspiracy case that will ensnare Donald Trump and his family.”

In a column published in USA Today Zeidenberg predicts that Mueller will soon lay out his case proving the existence of an illegal conspiracy between Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and Russian operatives and friends of Vladimir Putin. read more

Ivanka: ‘No Equivalency’ Between Her Email Use and Hillary’s

Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump thinks it is unfair for people to say “lock her up” about her, although it is OK to say about Hillary Clinton.

According to the First Daughter and White House adviser, her use of a personal email to conduct official administration business has “no connection” to Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email as secretary of State. read more

Donald Trump and His Children Are Truly Doomed

The news yesterday that Michael Cohen has spent many hours over the past month telling Bob Mueller everything he knows could not have been worse for President Donald Trump and his three favorite children, Don Jr,. Eric, and Ivanka. read more

Ivanka Tells Her Dad to ‘Cut Bait’ on the Kavanaugh Nomination

Once again First Daughter Ivanka Trump seems to be making matters worse by trying to help her father in a difficult situation. The Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination has hit a rough patch, so apparently she thought that she could make it better by commenting about it. read more

Ivanka Trump Is Worried That Her Daddy Is Going To Be Impeached

Ivanka Trump is worried that her father is going to be impeached as the situation at the White House has deteriorated to a new low.

Ivanka Trump Shuts Down Her Clothing Line After Sales Plummet

Ivanka Trump announced that she was shutting down her clothing line, as her father's presidency continues to destroy the Trump brand.

Ivanka Trump Got A China Bribe The Same Day That Trump Dropped Sanctions

It is not a coincidence that President Trump got a $500 million kickback from China, and his daughter got trademarks approved the same day that Trump dropped sanctions.

Mika Attacks Ivanka, Says Response to Baby Jails Is a “Joke”

Mika Brzezinski from Morning Joe is a passionate person, and she is not shy expressing her opinions, even when they contradict her co-host Joe Scarborough, who is a former Republican Congressman.

Lately she has been passionately asking first daughter Ivanka Trump to take a stand against the her father’s horrible family separation policies. To put it mildly, Mika has been critical of Ivanka, and has said many times that she thinks more should be done. But the president’s daughter has always responded (in private, according to Mika) by insisting that she’s doing enough. read more

Ivanka and Jared Made Over $82 Million Last Year While Working in White House

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner received over $82 million in outside income during 2017 while working as White House advisers.  The information was reported in financial disclosure forms released by the president’s daughter and son-in-law on Monday. read more

Ivanka Trump Gets Busted And Gives Mueller The Basis For Trump/Russia Collusion

Ivanka Trump was caught meeting with the Russian who was trying to set up the get-together Trump and Putin on Trump's Moscow project.

MSNBC Calls Out Trump White House Hypocrites On Roseanne And Samantha Bee

MSNBC pointed out the hypocrisy of the Trump White House saying nothing about Roseanne's racist tweet while losing their minds over Samantha Bee's comments about Ivanka Trump.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Party While Palestinian Children Die

The daughter and son-in-law of the president were all smiles, presiding over a happy party in Jerusalem while 60 miles away women and children were being slaughtered by Israeli forces.  Jared and Ivanka looked terrific as they enjoyed the company of 800 people who had gathered to celebrate an event that was widely condemned throughout the world. read more

Mueller Mystery: Why Hasn’t He Called Ivanka to Testify?

There is one notable person who:

  • Has an extremely close relationship with President Trump.
  • Was in Bedminster, New Jersey, with Trump in May of 2017 when he decided to fire FBI Director James Comey.
  • Was a passenger on the plane flying home from the G-20 conference in Germany strategizing with the president about how to manage the fallout of  Donald Trump Jr.’s June 2016 meeting in Trump Tower.
  • Was at Trump Tower and met with the woman Russian lawyer/spy who was present for the June 2016 meeting.
  • Was the point person for the Trump Organization for many years on business deals with convicted Russian mafia money launderer Felix Sater.
  • Has not been called to testify or talk to Robert Mueller or his team.

So it is a mystery:  why hasn’t Robert Mueller called in Ivanka Trump for questioning?

“She’s involved in everything,” said a former White House adviser now in the private sector “It’s odd. Unless they consider her a target of the investigation.” read more

Jared and Ivanka Go Into Hiding From Mueller And the Press

Ivana Trump is famous for being the president’s first wife and for giving him the nickname “The Donald.”  It also seems, based on a recent interview, that she may be in agreement with Robert Mueller on something important.  She thinks her daughter Ivanka should leave Washington and get out of politics. read more

Hope Hicks Had Been Unhappy For Months Before Deciding to Leave the White House

According to an article in New York Magazine, Trump confidant Hope Hicks (also known as the White House Communications Director) had been unhappy for months and wanted to leave the White House long before she announced her resignation in February. read more