Bill Maher Claims All Religion is Stupid and Dangerous

Think responsibly. If we lived in a fact-based world, and want those facts to matter, we should be less like Elisabeth Hasselbeck, not more

Another Conservative Plan to Take Their States and Go Home

Loathe what the liberals stand for, meet their agenda with animosity, cultivate a visceral desire to wipe it from the face of the Earth. Hate, hate, hate it with the fires of a thousand burning suns.

The Pope Calls Failed Christians Pagans – He is Wrong and This is Why

For the Pope, humility-challenged Christians are Pagans but it was the Church that found Jesus' poverty and humility too radical to tolerate

John Hagee Says We are a Pagan Nation Without Shame

According to Hagee, "America is becoming a pagan society; we are in a moral free-fall."

Religious Right Claims If We Allow Gay Marriage We Are Persecuting Christians

More cries of persecution coming out of the Religious Right: if we allow gay marriage we are persecuting Christians

Conservative Christians Claim They Should be Able to Spew Hate Without Consequence

Please Disregard Above: We No Longer Hate Gays

Conservative Christians want to be able to spew hate and lies but for nobody to have the right to disagree with or refute them