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CARTOON: When Pointing Fingers Goes Wrong

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer explained that she shook her finger in President Barack Obama’s face on the airport tarmac because she “felt threatened” by the POTUS.   The entire incident happened yesterday when the Governor hand delivered a letter to the President when he touched down in Phoenix. The pair had a bit of a…

Governor Brewer Realizes Why Palin Doesn't Do Interviews

What About the Headless Bodies, Governor Brewer?

Yes, it’s another day in Republican land where naturally, such questions as, “What about the headless bodies?” are bound to come up. After all, nothing says Republican like wild, unfounded accusations. Oh, but wait, what about the general incompetence? Oh, that was here too. We had the whole show last night during a televised debate between Gubernatorial political opponents Incumbent Republican Jan Brewer and Democrat (current state attorney general since 2003) Terry Goddard of Arizona.


Rachel Maddow Explains Sarah Palin’s 2010 Gift to Democrats

On her MSNBC show tonight Rachel Maddow explained how Sarah Palin gave a giant gift to the Democratic Party over the weekend by Arizona’s immigration law, “Sarah Palin’s ecstatic endorsement of Arizona’s papers please law and the governor who signed it is a very exciting moment for Democrats.” Maddow explained that the GOP has been tripping itself up with immigration politics for 150 years.


AZ Gov. Jan Brewer Politicizes Border Violence in Arizona

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is using drug related border violence to justify a draconian and perhaps unconstitutional law, but the two have nothing to do with one another. In fact, in the video the reporter says, “he (Officer Pinal) was tracking the five suspects as they transported marijuana and other drugs…” So if Brewer wanted to deal with this issue, she should have written a law dealing with drug trafficking and undocumented fire arms, not people who “look undocumented”. Hey, I’m just assuming she’d want to narrow the field down to the dangerous folks if her argument is the threat of violence.

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