RNC Allies with Christian Nationalist Who Calls U.S. Constitution “the Wrong Train”

David Lane, never mentioned by the MSM, is a big supporter of Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry, Mike Pence, and Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz Finds Fellow Constitution Haters on the Religious Right

Ted Cruz whined to Janet Mefferd and David Barton about President Obama's imaginary attack on "traditional" marriage

Three Incredibly Stupid Things Right Wingers Have Said That You Won’t Believe

We're waiting for God to pull the trigger and bring all his wayward kidlettes home. Janet Mefferd promises he's close and a good thing too

Pat Robertson Says You Have Demons in Your Underpants

Pat Robertson thinks there are demons in your underpantsr, so be sure to rebuke them before heading out of the house

Buster Wilson Claims Obama Wants to Declare Christians to be Mentally Ill and Lock Them Up

Buster Wilson lets go of his meat long enough to claim Obama thinks he's crazy and wants to lock him up.

The DNC in Charlotte To Be Ground Zero for Fundamentalist Bigots

The Democratic National Convention in Charlotte is being targeted by fundies as Ground Zero for acts of martyrdom and cries of persecution