Fox News Is Powerless As Republicans Crumble Under Trump Chaos

After abandoning Marco Rubio, Fox News will host a debate where they will be powerless to stop the GOP from crumbling under Trump.

Politicus Podcast: The End Is Near As Republicans Have 13 Days To Stop Trump

PoliticusUSA's Sarah Jones and Jason Easley discuss what could be the last 13 days in the life of the Republican Party.

Even President Obama Is Laughing At Mitch McConnell’s Failure

Six years and some change later, the man who set out a detailed plan to derail the Obama presidency before he even took office is in the hot seat.

Distrust Of Jeb Will Only Grow After Latest Bush Blunder Exposed

Bush's attempt to claim himself to be "Hispanic" only furthers the rift between him and anti-immigrant Nativists in the Republican Party.

It’s Time We Believed Elizabeth Warren. She’s Not Running. And That’s OK

Warren is not running. It is not going to happen, and I think it's time to accept that fact.

Politicus Radio: Democrats Push Back On Disrespect Of Obama

On this episode of Politicus Radio, Sarah Jones and Jason Easley discuss the Democratic pushback to the disrespect that was shown to President Obama by Netanyahu and Boehner.

What’s Morning Joe’s Solution To Plummeting Ratings? Book More Republican Guests

It is no secret that MSNBC's Morning Joe is hemorrhaging viewers. Over the past few months, the morning program has seen its audience bail in droves. The solution -- book more Republicans.

Obama Ignores Impeachment Threat And Tells Republicans He Is Going To Use His Power

President Obama is completely unfazed by Republican claims that they will impeach him if he issues his executive orders on immigration. The president responded to the threat by telling Republicans that he is going to use his power.

Ted Cruz’s “Net Neutrality Is Obamacare For The Internet” Tweet Shows He Understands Neither

On Monday morning, President Obama made a public statement urging the FCC to take strong measures to protect net neutrality.To the surprise of nobody, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) had an opinion on net neutrality once the President made his statement.

Obama Pushes Back Against Comcast and Verizon By Urging Strong FCC Action On Net Neutrality

obama net neutrality statement

In a strong statement, President Obama pushed back against the corporate takeover of the Internet by urging the FCC to implement the strongest rules to protect net neutrality.

Democrats Need to Be Bold In Their Policies and Stand with the Guy In The White House

obama frown

One thing is obvious: Democrats are still allowing the media to parrot GOP narratives, and Democrats are still running away from their own ideas and into the arms of the tepid enemy of equivalency. Democrats are still afraid to be bold.

Politicus Podcast: A Real Liberal Election Night In America

Tired of media babbling? Jason and Sarah bring you Election Night PoliticusUSA style.

After Getting Busted Congress Caves and Will Require Members To Disclose Trips From Lobbyists

The House Ethics Committee caved to public pressure, and quickly reversed itself two days after a secret ruling that changed eliminated a rule requiring members of Congress to publicly disclose the free trips they were getting from lobbyists.

Corrupt Congress Secretly Kills Rule Requiring Them To Disclose Free Trips From Lobbyists

In a private meeting, the House Ethics Committee secretly killed a decades old rule that required members of Congress to disclose to the public trips they take that are paid for by lobbyists.

California Democrat Slams Republicans On Their Criticism Of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s Release

On Sunday afternoon, Democratic Congressional candidate James Kimber, who is running against Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) in California's 50th District, contacted me to express his disgust with the tactics that Republicans are using to undermine the President.

Tell Darrell Issa to Stop The Politically Motivated Witch Hunts!!!

It is time for all Americans to take a stand against Rep. Issa's out of control activities that are trying to find something to use to impeach President Obama. Send a message to Rep. Issa by signing our petition.

Republicans Are Disgracing America With Their Talk of Impeaching President Obama

By resorting to threatening to impeach President Obama over his use of executive orders, Republicans are not only humiliating themselves. They are also disgracing the country.

Christie Scandal Grows As a Second Mayor Accuses Gov. of Hurting Citizens for Revenge

Things are getting worse for Chris Christie by the day, as the mayor of Elizabeth, NJ has come forward to accuse the governor of closing down the state's 4th largest DMV as an act of political revenge.