For Many Americans There is Little To Be Thankful For On Thanksgiving

There are plenty of things for all Americans to be thankful for, but sadly, a substantial segment of the population has little reason to be grateful on this official "day of thanksgiving."

At Least One Institution is Thriving Under Our Divided Federal Government – Gangs!!!

Within a few years, there could be one million gang members in the U.S. Gangs are a refuge for children of poverty. No Teapublicans care.

Mark Sanford Comes Unglued and Runs Around SC Asking Women if They Hate Him

It's looking like Mark Sanford has some issues. In order to prove to the media that women don't hate him, Sanford walked up to random women in Summerville, SC, and asked them if they hated him.

Things Go Horribly Wrong For Fox News When They Ask GOP Congressman for Benghazi Evidence

Fox News tried to push their Benghazi conspiracy theory today, but things went horribly wrong when they asked Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz for evidence and he couldn't provide any.

Bill Maher Labels Rick Perry, Ted Nugent, and Sarah Palin the ‘Axis of Assholes’

On Real Time, Bill Maher played a clip of Rick Perry shooting things with an assault weapon, and labeled Perry, Ted Nugent, and Sarah Palin, 'the axis of a**holes.'

McCain Shoots Boehner’s Argument Out of the Water by Urging GOP to Raise Revenue

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) praised President Obama for reaching across the aisle and said Republicans should compromise on the budget by increasing tax revenues.

Scott Prouty Gives Voice To The Real Silent Majority: The American Worker

Finding out the identity of the 47% videographer was nice, but Scott Prouty's real contribution is that he has given a voice to America's working class silent majority.

Meet The 31 Corporations and Banks Who Dodged $128 Billion in US Taxes

Sen. Bernie Sanders released a report today directly taking on 31 banks and corporations who have dodged $128 billion in taxes.

Mitch McConnell Gets Desperate and Promises to Avoid Losing Battles with Obama

Mitch McConnell is running away from doing battle with President Obama and hoping to focus attention on battles he thinks Republicans can win against Senate Democrats.

Things I am Grateful for in 2012

Even in troubled times, there are a great many things to be grateful for. Here are a few of mine.

Republicans Scramble to Make Horses and Bayonets Work for Them

Mitt Romney stepped into a hornet's nest last night full of horses and bayonets and the Republican effort to extricate him is frantic

The Obama Campaign Calls Out Gallup’s Deeply Flawed Battleground Women Poll

After Gallup released a poll showing Obama and Romney tied at 48% with battleground state women, the Obama campaign exposed a flaw in Gallup's likely voter methodology.

Obama Sends Romney Back Into the Fetal Position With Video on the Ryan Budget

Mitt Romney's Paul Ryan bounce was over before it started as the Obama campaign released a new video hitting the Republican ticket hard on the Ryan budget.

MSNBC Blasts Sean Hannity For Spreading Misinformation During Zimmerman Interview

In a statement, MSNBC fired back at Sean Hannity for spreading misinformation during his interview with George Zimmerman.

George Zimmerman Wants African-Americans to Apologize to Him

An unrepentant George Zimmermann sat down with Sean Hannity and asked African-Americans to apologize to him, even though he never apologized for shooting Trayvon Martin.

A Lesson for Sean Hannity on What Obama has Done for Students With Loans

Sean Hannity claimed President Obama has done nothing for students with loans, so in an attempt to educate the most uneducable, here is exactly what Obama has done to help student borrowers.

Is Mitt Romney Aware That Ted Nugent Is a Self-Admitted Pedophile?

Mitt Romney's Ted Nugent problems are much worse than the rocker's threats against President Obama. Romney's real issue is that he has accepted the endorsement of an admitted pedophile.

Republicans Set A World Record For Lies Told At CNN Arizona Debate

A special Politicus Radio post Republican debate program focuses on the 2012 Republican presidential candidates, and their love of lying about America, their own records, and President Obama.

Jason Easley, Sarah Jones and George Sirios take on the CNN Republican debate, listen here: read more

PBS’s Clinton Evokes Reminders Of Attacks On Obama

Part one of PBS's two part biography of Bill Clinton airs tonight and the similarities between the attacks on Clinton and those lobbed at Obama are unmistakable.

Elizabeth Warren Slams The GOP’s War On Contraception As A War On Healthcare

Elizabeth Warren joined Rachel Maddow to expose the fact that the GOP’s attack on contraception is the first step in gutting the entire health insurance system.

Here is the video from MSNBC:

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