Hillary Clinton Praises Obama’s Election

ImageHillary Clinton released a statement that praised Obama's victory in a long hard fought historic campaign, but she added the result was well worth the wait.

The Obama Plan to Stay Aggressive

ImageEver the cautious candidate, Barack Obama warned his supporters at a fundraising breakfast today not to get too cocky about their lead over John McCain, but due to his lead, Obama does have a chance to extend his campaign into more red states, to potentially give himself a mandate and extend the Democratic congressional majority.

McCain Loses Key Clinton Supporter Over Palin

ImageThe Page blog is reporting that Democratic activist and Hillary Clinton supporter Reba Shimansky has withdrawn her support of John McCain over his selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate.

Howard Wolfson’s War with Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann Continues

ImageFormer Hillary Clinton advisor and current Fox News analyst Howard Wolfson continued his war of words with MSNBC, Chris Mathews, and Keith Olbermann by accusing them of being bad Democrats for being critical of the Clintons over the past two years.

Hillary Clinton: No way. No how. No McCain.

ImageTonight Hillary Clinton shifted the conversation from I support Barack Obama to telling her supporters why they need to support Obama. Mrs. Clinton gave a stirring speech which served as both a great end to her presidential campaign, and a new beginning to her supporters' relationship with the Democratic nominee.

Clinton and Obama Shoot Down Rumors of Convention Disunity

ImageClinton advisor Maggie Williams and senior Obama advisor David Axelrod put out a joint statement this morning to refute a Politico story that there is still tension between the two

The McCain Strategy to Split the Democratic Convention

ImageWith a new ad released in praise of Hillary Clinton and surrogates dispatched to the Sunday talk shows, it seems that presidential campaign of John McCain is trying to split the Democratic Party between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Here is the new McCain ad:

Bi-Partisan Praise for Biden Pick

ImageUnless you are a part of the McCain campaign, Barack Obama's selection of Joe Biden as his running mate is drawing bi-partisan praise from Chuck Hagel, Dick Luger, Hillary Clinton, and Ted Kennedy.

Clinton and Obama on Her Name Being Placed Into Nomination

ImageThe press offices of both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama issued a joint statement today praising the fact that both of their names will be placed into nomination at the Democratic convention.

Hillary Clinton Supporters Get Their Show of Respect

ImageWith the announcement Sunday night that Hillary Clinton will be the headline speaker for the second night of the 2008 Democratic convention, perhaps the few disgruntled Hillary Clinton supporters will stop whining about the lack of respect they have been getting from the Obama campaign.

Dick Durban: Bill Clinton is Hurting

ImageSen. Dick Durban (D-IL) was on Fox News Sunday this morning, and he had some interesting comments about Democratic Party unity and Bill Clinton.

Obama: No Controversy with the Clintons

ImageBarack Obama spoke to the media and did his best to play down reports that there are still are still some bad feelings between himself and the Clintons.