Conservative Christian Bigotry Lurks Behind Opposition to Lifting DADT

People like Sen. John McCain will always find bigots like himself who object to gays existing, much less serving in the military. A couple of days ago McCain came up with another objection, he said he and 41 of his Republican colleagues would block repeal because the economy is sputtering. He really said it and he was serious. He’s also a raging bigot who cannot escape the biblical foundation of hate he espouses.

In the name of Reagan: The Conservative War On The Working Class

Republicans lionize Ronald Reagan, and in the older, white population, the dead president is a god who deserves to have his head on Mt. Rushmore. Sarah Palin channels Reagan and her supporters speak of her as being the new Ronald Reagan. It is typical of conservatives to worship a president who hurt the economy, set labor relations and unions back 40 years, and caused untold damage to the environment by destroying regulations. Republicans still think of Reagan as the gun slinging cowboy who rode in and cleaned up the frontier, or the war hero who single handedly stormed up a hill and took out a battalion of Nazis. Regardless the image old white people have of Reagan; he was just an actor, and a bad president whose policies were controlled by banks and corporations

The DREAM Act: An Urgent Call for Unity

The children of undocumented immigrants didn't have a choice in where they would grow up. Their parents made the decision for them. But most children of undocumented immigrants who grow up in the U.S. love their hometowns and this country, even though we don't treat them right. This is why the Dream Act is not only vital to the Hispanic community, but also an important first step towards true immigration reform.

Lady Liberty Weeps as Sarah Palin Labels Obama a Threat to Democracy

Palin can’t manager her own Sarah PAC finances without running into trouble with each filing, she drove Alaska into debt and she left Wasilla in 20 million dollars of long term debt here she is on FNC's Hannity tonight, telling us about how President Obama is going to ruin our democracy because of what the “feds”, a.k.a the Fed is doing. File this away under “I refudiate your abuse of the English language”.

Irish Government Turns a Blind Eye To Bankers’ Crimes

Even if Fianna Fail were able to muster the political will, it would be a monumental task for the State to prosecute bankers of the failed Irish zombie banks, notably Anglo-Irish, because proof thresholds required in white collar crime cases are extremely high in Ireland. In fact, the Irish Independent reports in the same article that Ireland has never seen a successful prosecution for insider trading. Ever.

What About the Headless Bodies, Governor Brewer?

Governor Brewer Realizes Why Palin Doesn't Do Interviews

Yes, it’s another day in Republican land where naturally, such questions as, “What about the headless bodies?” are bound to come up. After all, nothing says Republican like wild, unfounded accusations. Oh, but wait, what about the general incompetence? Oh, that was here too. We had the whole show last night during a televised debate between Gubernatorial political opponents Incumbent Republican Jan Brewer and Democrat (current state attorney general since 2003) Terry Goddard of Arizona.

Sarah Palin and Her Minions Go to War against Medicare

It seems that Sarah Palin has enlisted some help in her war against Medicare, as yesterday on Face The Nation, her handpicked Alaska US Senate candidate Joe Miller told the nation that Medicare is unconstitutional, thus furthering Palin's un-Mama Grizzly like jihad against Medicare, and her advocacy of a policy that killed 254 Alaskans while she was governor.

Looking for Terrorists in All the Wrong Places

Everyone is by now familiar with the “Ground Zero Mosque” controversy. Cries of horror have ascended to the heavens from the right-wing as they denounce Muslim plans to build a mosque at Ground Zero. But xenophobia, to be more precise, Islamophobia, most of it originating from conservative Christians, is not fact-friendly. Bottom line is that it’s getting put where it can be put, to serve an existing need in Lower Manhattan.

Sarah Palin’s 2012 Hopes Go Up In Smoke After She Endorses Marijuana

Real former governor Mike Huckabee (R-AK) took the gloves off when he showed a clip of half-term governor Sarah Palin endorsing pot from Fox News' Freedom Watch Show. Palin got carried away with her free-wheelin' AIP secessionist style, because saying pot is OK if you do it in your own home is a major political gaffe of epic proportions for any politician, let alone a law and order conservative.

With Each New Textbook Texas Steals U.S. History

Texas, to its shame, by rewriting textbooks, might embrace a mythic America, but that America never existed, and it does not exist, and cannot exist as long as there are people who value our history for what it is, a record not of wishful thinking, but of the past. In the end, what Texas has done does not balance the past; it steals it.

Reckless Palin Endangers a Girls Basketball Team with Her Call to Go Rogue

Sarah Palin, who has replaced Jesse Jackson as America’s foremost political ambulance chaser wasted no time in exploiting the fates of an Illinois girls high school basketball team who will not be going to Arizona for a tournament due to the state’s immigration policy. Palin urged the teenage girls to “go rogue” and go to the tournament on their own if the school won’t give permission.

Glenn Beck Mocks Rachel Maddow for Using Big Words

On his radio show today Glenn Beck mocked MSNBC's Rachel Maddow for using the term paleoconservative on her MSNBC program this week. Since Beck doesn't know what the term means he said, "What the hell is a paleoconservative, a dinosaur?" He then told progressives to stop making up terms. Actually, the term was coined by a conservative 30 years ago, and Beck once again demonstrated his illiteracy.