Jay Carney

Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney Says Nothing is Above Sean Spicer’s Pay Grade

"Actually, his 'pay grade' is the highest possible at WH - same as for chief of staff, national security and…

6 years ago

Obama Announces That White House Press Secretary Jay Carney Is Resigning

In a bit of a Friday shocker, President Obama announced today that Press Secretary Jay Carney is resigning.

9 years ago

White House Destroys Karl Rove Over Hillary Comment By Bringing Up Election Night 2012

On Tuesday, during his press briefing, White House Press Secretary absolutely torched Republican strategist and Fox News contributor Karl Rove…

9 years ago

Impending Terror As Americans Are Forced To Depend On Republicans To Do Something

On Friday, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew stated that the debt ceiling will need to be raised no later than February…

9 years ago

White House, ‘We will not pay ransom to the tea party to allow Congress to do its job’

Jay Carney repeated the White House's position today that the president will only sign clean bills. Carney said, We will…

9 years ago

Boehner Angry GOP Did Not Get Free Pass on Day of Navy Yard Shooting

Republicans using the cover of the crisis to plot against Obama and the country itself, whine "no fair!" when Obama…

10 years ago

The White House Smacks Around Fox News For Using Susan Rice to Revive Benghazi

Ed Henry of Fox News tried to use Susan Rice's appointment to revive the Benghazi conspiracy, but was immediately smacked…

10 years ago

Republicans Meltdown Into Deranged Babble After Jay Carney Repeats Benghazi Facts

Conservatives are outraged that Carney repeated the Candy Crowley 'lie' (also known as a fact in sane circles) that Obama…

10 years ago

GOP: Refusing to do What We Want You to Do is a Violation of the Constitution

The Republican Party seems to think if Obama doesn't do what they want him to do, he is violating the…

10 years ago

From John Sununu to Sarah Palin, Racism is the Lexicon of the Right

Whether it's Sununu or Palin, the hatred for our president will continue, and supporting today's Republican Party only fans the…

10 years ago

The Republican Obama Intelligence Briefing Smear is Already a Giant Flop

It's 9/11, so right on schedule here comes the Republican Party with a story about how Obama has made America…

11 years ago

The White House Silences McCain’s Dump Biden Babble With Two Words: Sarah Palin

The White House has silenced John McCain's calls for Obama to dump Biden by reminding him of who he picked…

11 years ago

Watch the White House Crush Romney’s Blame Obama for Harry Reid Meme

The White House took Romney's attempt to use the right's blame Obama meme to cover up his tax returns and…

11 years ago