Jen Psaki

Jen Psaki Blasts Republicans Who Want Biden To Starve Babies In Final Briefing

Jen Psaki hammered Republicans who are demanding that Biden starve babies on the border.

2 days ago

This Exchange Between Jen Psaki And Peter Doocy Cracked Up The White House Briefing

Fox's Peter Doocy said that he was sorry to Jen Psaki go, and Psaki's answer had the whole White House…

1 week ago

Jen Psaki Goes Full Ninja And Blows Up Peter Doocy’s Fox Talking Point

Peter Doocy asked Psaki if Biden knew about the DHS disinformation governance board, and Psaki told him that the board…

2 weeks ago

White House Reporters Complain That Jen Psaki Is Too Good At Her Job As They Yearn For Trump

White House reporters are complaining that Biden has made covering the White House boring and Jen Psaki is too good…

2 weeks ago

Jen Psaki Gives Reporters A Reality Check On Trump’s Disrespect

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki reminded reporters that, unlike Trump, Biden is attending the White House Correspondents Dinner because…

3 weeks ago

Jen Psaki Drops The Hammer On Putin By Reaffirming The Strategic Goal Of Defeating Russia

Jen Psaki made it clear that the goal of the Biden administration is to strategically defeat Putin in Ukraine.

4 weeks ago

Jen Psaki Annihilates Kevin McCarthy For Ukraine Hypocrisy

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki called out House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy for supporting the withholding of aid to…

4 weeks ago

Jen Psaki Isn’t Playing The Media’s Game Of Making Democrats Cater To Republicans

Jen Psaki didn't play along with the media narrative that it is the job of Democrats to cater to Republicans.

1 month ago

Jen Psaki Storms Fox News And Shows Democrats How It’s Done

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki went on Fox News Sunday and showed Democrats everywhere how to handle Fox.

1 month ago

Jen Psaki Shuts Down Peter Doocy’s Racist Biden Border Propaganda

Jen Psaki wasn't having any of Peter Doocy trying to spread Fox News propaganda about Biden giving immigrants cell phones…

1 month ago

Trump Appears To Not Remember Jen Psaki’s Name During Michigan Fiasco

At a rally in Michigan, Trump gave more reason for concern about his cognitive abilities when he appeared not to…

1 month ago

Lauren Boebert Claims Kaleigh McEnany Was A Better Press Secretary Than Jen Psaki

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) tried to claim that Trump propagandist Kaleigh McEnany was a better press secretary than Jen Psaki:

1 month ago

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki Tests Positive For COVID

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has announced that she has tested positive for COVID and won't be on Biden's…

2 months ago

Jen Psaki Slams Tom Cotton for Voting Against Vital Ukraine Aid

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki criticized Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) for voting against an aid package to help the…

2 months ago

Jen Psaki Has Now Held More Press Briefing Than All Of Trump’s Press Secretaries Combined

Jen Psaki had her 200th press briefing on Wednesday, which is one more briefing than press secretaries held under Trump.

2 months ago

Jen Psaki Almost Starts Laughing When Asked About Russia Sanctioning Her

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki had to try not to laugh when asked about Russia sanctioning her, President Biden,…

2 months ago

Kellyanne “Alternative Facts” Conway Claims Psaki And Biden Have Lost Credibility

Kellyanne Conway said that President Biden and Press Secretary Jen Psaki have lost credibility with the American people.

2 months ago

Peter Doocy Loudly Complains To Jen Psaki About Blaming Putin

Peter Doocy asked Jen Psaki why the White House is always blaming Putin during the press briefing.

2 months ago

Peter Doocy Tried To Snarky With Jen Psaki And It Did Not Go Well

Peter Doocy tried to snarky with Jen Psaki on questions ranging from gas prices to the Keystone Pipeline and it…

2 months ago

Jen Psaki Destroys Peter Doocy And Fox News’s Big Lie About Biden And Gas Prices

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki took apart Peter Doocy and Fox News's lie that Biden is holding back domestic…

2 months ago