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Gov. Brown Says Fires Will Make the Worst Climate Skeptics Into Believers

Gov. Brown Says Fires Will Make the Worst Climate Skeptics Into Believers

Jerry Brown says the deadly California wildfires will convert all climate change skeptics into climate change believers within five years.…

5 years ago

31 People Are Dead and 228 Are Missing In California Wildfires

The Associated Press is reporting this morning that 31 people have died in California wildfires, and another 228 people are…

5 years ago

California Shows Blue States Can Be Fiscally Responsible

There is an ongoing political debate in the United States about which political party is more fiscally responsible.  Historically Republicans…

6 years ago

California Crisis! How To Spend Budget Surpluses Because Democrats Voted

Democrats push the governor to relax his grip on surplus money because the state is “overflowing with billions of dollars…

8 years ago

Does Ted Cruz Actually Think He Can Win in 2016?

"I am running for president and I hope to earn your support," Ted Cruz tweeted last night. Does he really…

9 years ago

Jerry Brown Rips Ted Cruz A New One While Calling Him Unfit To Run For President

Gov. Jerry Brown (D-CA) told America that climate change denier Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is unfit to run for president…

9 years ago

Media Intentionally Hides Republicans’ Economic Failures And Democrats’ Success

t is true that Republican policies are why Americans are rapidly losing economic ground to the few wealthy elites, but…

9 years ago

Report Confirms Fracking is Poisoning California’s Dwindling Aquifers

This week, yet another report reveals that fracking in California has contaminated aquifers during a historical drought.

9 years ago

A Wrong of Fire and Ice: How Conservatives Misjudge Millennial Views on Climate Change

The Conservative media has ignored man-made climate change in hopes that they can convince millennials it isn't real. Millennials aren't…

10 years ago

Jerry Brown Soars to Record Approval Rating and Enormous Lead Over Republican Challengers

  Yesterday's California Field Poll is full of good news for Democratic Governor Jerry Brown. Republicans on the other hand,…

10 years ago

If you Want To Understand How Wrong Republicans Are Look At California

If Americans want to understand just how wrong Republicans are, they should look to California for a model the entire…

10 years ago

Justice Kennedy Swats Down Proposition 8 Again

The religious bigots who lacked an argument found out this week they lacked standing as well but like frat boys…

11 years ago

Jerry Brown Says Rick Perry’s Criticism is ‘Not a burp. It’s barely a fart’

In reaction to Gov. Perry's attempt to woo business away from California, Gov. Brown told reporters, 't's not a serious…

11 years ago

Like Magic, Dem Gov. Jerry Brown Fixes California Budget with Tax Hike

Democratic Governor Jerry Brown fixed California's deficit via Prop 30, also known as raising taxes. California no longer has a…

11 years ago

Conflict in the Courts as Federal Judges Issue Divergent Rulings on Gay Conversion Quackery

A federal district judge has issued a temporary injunction against a new California law banning gay conversion therapy, while a…

11 years ago

5 Weeks Out Polls Reveal a Surge of Support for Democrats

New polls released in Kentucky, Nevada, and California show that Democrats are making a big comeback in each state, and…

13 years ago