There Are Many Reasons for the Season and None Have Anything to do With Trump

There is no freedom in compelling others to celebrate the holidays of others...For Republicans, Christmas has become an un-Constitutional religious test.

It’s OK for Trump to Cite Bible (Even Incorrectly) But Woe Unto Obama

Donald Trump is doing his best to kiss up to the Ted Cruz religious fanatic crowd, those who see America as a theocracy. Trump is a rock star among white supremacists but he wants to appeal not only to people who hate people on account of their skin color but who hate people on account of their religion, or their lifestyle. read more

The Religious Right Loves Trump Because They Share A Dangerous Mindset

The rise of Trump, like the rise of the religious right, is the predictable outcome of Reagan transforming the GOP into a vehicle for theocracy

Fox News Upset That School District – Like Jesus – Told Coach to Pray in Private

Liberty Institute says if Coach Joe Kennedy isn't allowed to continue praying - against Jesus' wishes - they will sue the school district.

Pope Francis Will Enter Hostile Republican Territory When He Visits Congress

The GOP is unhappy the Pope is adhering to Jesus' teachings - not those of Ayn Rand, Charles and David Koch, and every teabagger in America

Bernie Sanders Outrages Evangelical Republicans With The Idea Of A Socialist Jesus

Evangelicals are incensed by ideas of a socialist Jesus, but facts are facts - Jesus, like Bernie Sanders, championed the poor, not the rich

Supposedly God’s Own Party, the 2016 GOP Still Doesn’t Care What Jesus Said

By the time children step foot in school again this fall, it will have been two years since Pope Francis cautioned that the Church had become “obsessed” with abortion, gay marriage and contraception. read more

Crazed Pastor Says “Sodomites” Have Stolen God’s Rainbow

If he'd read his Bible, he would see that what Jesus is probably mad about is catering to the rich, not the gay people he never mentions

The Real Unseen Danger of Indiana’s Legal Discrimination Law

It is why although the law appears only to target the LGBT community and allow the 'faithful' to legally punish same-sex marriage partners by refusing to hire, serve, or provide them with medical care, it is important to remember there is no mention of gays in the law.

The Left Sends Rahm Emanuel A Message By Forcing Runoff In Chicago Mayor’s Race

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel got just 45 percent of the vote Tuesday, forcing him into a runoff against 2nd place finisher "Chuy" Garcia.

Pope Francis Is A U.S. Catholic Bishops’ Public Relations Creation

In fact, Francis is closely aligned with conservative Republican ideology; particularly in his position on addressing poverty and social issues such as homosexuality, same-sex marriage, birth control, and women's rights.

The GOP’s Gay Sex Obsession Hurts America – Can We Get Some Jobs?

I'm not seeing anything remotely relevant or meaningful coming out of right wing circles any time soon, until they work out their sexual frustrations

Why We Hate Plastic Baby Jesuses on our Courthouse Steps

It's not that we want to walk in the darkness that we fear plastic baby Jesuses, but that they don't belong on our courthouse steps

Kirk Cameron Warns Against Drinking Pagan Kool-Aid this Christmas

Cameron told The Christian Post that, "I'm making 'Saving Christmas' because I love Christmas, I love everything about it." Everything but the facts, apparently.

The Real Enemy This Halloween isn’t Demons, Says Jesus, But the Rich

The problem with Halloween isn't kids walking around in scary costumes and falling prey to Satanic influences; Jesus has identified a far more dangerous group - the rich

Jessa Duggar Blamed Darwin for Holocaust But Should Look in Her Bible Instead

Jessa Duggar owes her religion to the anti-Semitic Martin Luther. But Darwin, who lived three centuries after Luther, is to blame for anti-Semitism?

‘God’s Not Dead’ Star Kevin Sorbo Calls Jews Christ Killers

Kevin Sorbo, in talking about his new film "God's Not Dead" talked to Jerry Newcombe on "Vocal Point" about Mel Gibson's film "The Passion of the Christ" and the accusations that it was anti-Semitic.

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Embraces ISIS’ Theological Mindset

Apparently, ISIS utilizing America's war tactics caught the attention of Robertson and his Christian theology informs him it is time for America to embrace the ISIS tactics and religious ideology, and as a Christian nation issue an ultimatum to the Islamic terrorists to "convert or be killed."

Kirk Cameron is Saving Christmas from Atheists on November 14

Cameron says, "It's obvious that there is a deliberate attempt to snuff out the holy root that has produced all this wonderful Christmas-time fruit."

Abortion is Human Sacrifice? So is the Death of Jesus

While we are on the subject of “religious freedom,” that is, Christians having a unique right, a privileged place in this country far above all other belief systems – at least according to the Supreme Court – I thought I would mention that it has always struck me as odd that a religion – Christianity again – centered on depriving people of food and healthcare and even education, and which, indeed, has a God who orders the death of untold thousands in the Old Testament can claim to be a pro-life religion. There is a whole lotta death going on for all this blather about life. read more