Opinion: John Dean Wipes Out the Republican Kiddie Caucus

John Dean Matt Gaetz

Within the first few minutes of his opening statement, John Dean showed us he was ready and able to wipe out the Republican Kiddie Caucus.

Bill Hader and Ben Stiller Return to SNL For Hilarious Cold Open

SNL cold open Hader Stiller

Ben Stiller returned to play Michael Cohen in last night’s “Saturday Night Live” cold open and he was joined by another SNL alum Bill Hader, who played right-wing congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio.

To no one’s surprise, the opening skit addressed the congressional testimony last week of Donald Trump’s former “fixer” and attorney. read more

Republican Effort To Impeach Rosenstein Backfires And Paves The Way To Trump Impeachment

The House Freedom Caucus thought that they were helping Trump by trying to impeach Rod Rosenstein, instead, they made it easier for Trump to be impeached.

Devin Nunes Wants To Sue Twitter After Getting Busted For Tweeting Trump/Russia Propaganda

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) and three other House Republicans are threatening to sue Twitter because their accounts were temporarily shadowbanned.

To Deflect From Sex Abuse Lawsuits, Jim Jordan Vows to Impeach Rosenstein

Beleaguered right-wing Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio asserted once again on Sunday that he and Freedom Caucus chairman Mark Meadows of North Carolina will soon force a vote on a House resolution seeking the impeachment of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. read more

House Republicans Are Moving To Impeach Rod Rosenstein And Kill The Mueller Investigation

Trump's House Republican defenders are making a new move to shut down the Mueller investigation by impeaching Rod Rosenstein.

At Least 9 Victims Accuse Rep. Jim Jordan of Lying As He Cries Fake News

Fox News Jim Jordan

The exact number of former Ohio State wrestlers who have come out and accused Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of lying seems to be a topic of some dispute.

Shareblue Media reported that “A ninth wrestler has come forward to accuse Rep. Jim Jordan of turning a blind eye to serial sexual abuse while he was a wrestling coach at Ohio State University.” read more

GOP’s Jim Jordan Crisis Grows as Seven Wrestlers Now Say He is Lying

The political crisis facing Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) deepened on Saturday as a seventh former Ohio State University (OSU) wrestler came forward, telling the Washington Post that Jordan knew about widespread sexual harassment while he was an assistant wrestling coach. read more

Freedom Caucus Vows to Defend Jordan As Twitter Mocks His Denials

Rep. Mark Meadows, chairman of the Freedom Caucus in the House of Representatives, called on his caucus members to continue to support founding member Jim Jordan from Ohio as he comes under attack for not reporting sexual abuse at Ohio State University (OSU) when he was an assistant wrestling coach there. read more

Fox News Paints Jim Jordan As The Real Victim In Wrestler Sex Abuse Scandal

Fox News Jim Jordan

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and his Fox News allies made it sound like he was the real victim, not the six Ohio State wrestlers who told him that they were being abused as he turned a blind eye.

Rep. Jim Jordan Blames Rod Rosenstein And Hillary Clinton For His Wrestler Sex Abuse Scandal In Fox News Freak Out

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) freaks out on Fox News and tries to blame Rod Rosenstein and Hillary Clinton for his wrestler sex abuse scandal.

Former Wrestler: Rep. Jim Jordan Witnessed Lewd Acts in Showers and Attacks on Athletes

Several days ago we reported that:

“Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), one of Trump’s biggest defenders, who is trying to undermine the Russia investigation in the House, is accused of turning a blind eye to sexual abuse when he was a wrestling coach at Ohio State.” read more

One Of Trump’s Biggest Defenders In The House Is Caught In A Jerry Sandusky Style Scandal At Ohio State

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), one of Trump biggest defenders who is trying to undermine the Russia investigation in the House, is accused of turning a blind eye to sexual abuse when he was a wrestling coach at Ohio State. read more

House Republican Manly Men Are Crumbling As They Go Toe To Toe With Hillary Clinton

clinton benghazi select committee

The Republican men on the Benghazi Select Committee are being turned into whining boys who are falling apart as they are trying to go face to face with Hillary Clinton.