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Hillary Clinton Is Building Her Democratic Army As The GOP’s Worst Nightmare Comes True

She hasn't even announced yet, and Hillary Clinton's campaign is looking like an incumbent's reelection campaign.

8 years ago

Is Georgia Ready For Hillary Clinton?

Midterm election results in Georgia show progressive trends and point to battleground potential for the 2016 presidential race.

8 years ago

Obama Camp Calls Out Romney’s ‘Desperate’ Battleground State Expansion Bluff

Team Obama is calling Romney's bluff, saying 'Voters who haven't heard from the Romney campaign in two years will see…

10 years ago

Obama Stops Romney’s Jeep Lie Dead In its Tracks With Blistering New Ohio Ad

The Obama campaign is stopping Romney's Jeep to China lie dead in its tracks with a tough new ad that…

10 years ago

Bad News for Romney: Ohio Early Voting Turnout is Up for Obama, Down for GOP

In a conference call with reporters Obama campaign manager Jim Messina dropped some devastating numbers on Romney. Messina pointed out…

10 years ago

President Obama is Ready to Bring It to the Town Hall Debate

Not only is President Obama ready for The Other Mitt this time, but his team is in place to do…

10 years ago

Romney Answers Obama’s Tax Returns Challenge and Makes Things Much Much Worse

The Obama campaign challenged Romney to release more tax returns, and his campaign responded with answer that proved to everyone…

10 years ago

Mitt Romney Blames Obama For His Refusal To Release His Tax Returns

In his ABC interview with Diane Sawyer, Mitt Romney took the opportunity to side step her questions about his refusal…

11 years ago