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Media Shows Its Bias By Treating Good Biden Jobs Report Like Bad News

Media Shows Its Bias By Treating Good Biden Jobs Report Like Bad News

The media's reaction to more good jobs economic news for President Biden was to downplay the same sort of jobs…

2 months ago

Biden Stuns GOP Into Silence By Creating 13 Million Jobs

Republicans have had nothing to say after May's bigger-than-expected jobs report revealed that President Biden has overseen the creation of…

4 months ago

The Biden Boom Is Rolling With 311,000 New Jobs Created

Biden delivered a strong jobs report with 311,000 new jobs, unemployment at 3.6%, and labor force participation at a pre-pandemic…

7 months ago

Joe Biden Is Delivering All Of Those Jobs That Trump Promised

Donald Trump promised to create 25 million jobs in the next decade. Joe Biden has done almost half of that…

8 months ago

Joe Biden Takes A Much Deserved Victory Lap After Great Jobs Numbers

President Biden took back the narrative from the negative corporate media and delivered a dose of truth about his economic…

1 year ago

More Americans Are Now Working Under Biden Than At Any Day Under Trump

President Biden has boosted employment to such a degree that more Americans are working than on any day during Trump's…

1 year ago

Biden Economy Shows No Signs Of Weakening After Another Strong Jobs Report

The US economy added 390,000 new jobs last month, as the unemployment rate remained at 3.6%. People continue to spend…

1 year ago

Biden Has Created 50 Times More Month To Month Jobs Than The Last 3 GOP Presidents Combined

This is an incredible statistic. President Biden has created 50 times more month-to-month jobs than the last three Republican presidents…

1 year ago

Biden Creates The Most Jobs In His First 13 Months In US History

The latest strong jobs report means that President Biden has created the most jobs in his first 13 months of…

2 years ago

Great News For Democrats As Biden Gets Fantastic Jobs Report

The January jobs report showed surging payrolls, increasing labor force participation, and rising wages.

2 years ago

Trump Begs For Good Job Numbers To Save Him From Defeat

Trump tried to spin job numbers that done before the virus surge as a victory, as he begged for good…

3 years ago

Schumer Exposes Trump’s Job Gains Stimulus Pumped Up Fraud

Senate Democratic Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) warned that the jobs numbers were pumped up by stimulus money, and without…

3 years ago

Trump Silences Black Reporter Who Asked About Systemic Racism

PBS's Yamiche Alcindor asked Trump during his press conference about systemic racism and the President silenced the African-American reporter.

3 years ago

Trump Makes Up Fake Jobs Number After Economy Only Adds 128K Jobs

Trump claimed that the economy created 330,000 jobs in October when in reality it created 128,000 and unemployment increased.

4 years ago

Shocking Report Shows Trump Areas Losing Jobs and Dem Areas Adding Jobs

A shocking new report from the Associated Press (AP) shows that areas in the United States that voted for President…

5 years ago

Economists Saw Little Boost to Job Growth From Trump Tax Cuts

Given that the labor market is almost at full employment, economists saw little boost to job growth from the Trump…

6 years ago

Boehner And Republicans Plan To Reverse Growth Numbers and Kill Jobs

Now that Republicans will have control of both houses of Congress, they will start, immediately, passing legislation to revert back…

9 years ago

Jobs Report Proves Obama Correct About The Sequester Killing Jobs

The best thing about the March jobs numbers is they prove that President Obama was right when he said the…

10 years ago