Trump Campaign Lies About Biden’s Jobs Record And Gets Crushed By Democrats

Trump Campaign Lies About Biden’s Jobs Record And Gets Crushed By Democrats

The Trump campaign released a lie that attempted to revise down President Biden's record on jobs, but Democrats were ready.

4 months ago

Joe Biden Is Delivering All Of Those Jobs That Trump Promised

Donald Trump promised to create 25 million jobs in the next decade. Joe Biden has done almost half of that…

10 months ago

More Americans Are Now Working Under Biden Than At Any Day Under Trump

President Biden has boosted employment to such a degree that more Americans are working than on any day during Trump's…

1 year ago

The Real Job Creators: 95% Of US Job Growth Came Under Democrats Since 1989

One of the biggest false narratives in American politics is that Republicans create jobs. 95% of the nation's job growth…

2 years ago

Kamala Harris Is Humiliating Mike Pence At VP Debate

Pence is anchored to Trump's talking point lies as Kamala Harris is humiliating him at the vice presidential debate.

3 years ago

Trump Tried To Brag About The Stock Market And Joe Biden Destroyed Him

Trump tweeted about the NASDAQ hitting a new high, so Joe Biden responded by telling him that tens of millions…

4 years ago

Exclusive: Sears aims to close up to 150 stores in bankruptcy – sources

Sears Holdings Corp is planning to close up to 150 of its department and discount stores and keep at least…

5 years ago

Trump Brags About ‘Historic’ Jobs Report That Is Worse Than Obama

Trump bragged about a 'historic' jobs report, but in reality, his numbers and the percentage change in the unemployment rate…

6 years ago

Opinion: Federal Appeals Court Rules it Is Illegal To Fire People Because They’re Gay

No one should be fired for being lesbian, gay, or transgender like happened to me and it’s incredibly powerful to…

7 years ago

Opinion: Trump’s Deportation War Will Cost the Economy Trillions of Dollars

Undocumented workers contribute 3 percent of GDP, or nearly $5 trillion in economic growth” that will vanish with Trump’s “military…

7 years ago

Economists Agree That President Obama’s Economic Gains Are Remarkable

It’s really a best-case scenario. The economy consistently moving in the right direction with job growth that is pretty remarkable.

8 years ago

President Obama Acts To Stop the Unconstitutional Criminalizing of Homelessness

The Obama White House this week took steps to force communities to halt the "cruel, inhumane, and degrading" treatment of…

8 years ago

President Obama Fights For the American Workers Republicans Hate

Obama defends workers' right to earn the federal minimum wage and overtime protections; something Republicans believe is an abomination

8 years ago

Study Proves Republicans Totally Wrong: Obamacare Doesn’t Kill Jobs

A new study from the Urban Institute proves that Republicans are wrong about Obamacare killing jobs.

8 years ago

Donald Trump Advises Automakers To Kill Jobs To Increase Corporate Profits

Trump's plan to help U.S. automakers sounds an awful lot like Mitt Romney's underhanded tactics at Bain Capital

8 years ago

Business Leaders Turn On Republicans And Blast Them For Having No Idea What They’re Doing

A business leader enraged by House Republicans letting the Ex-Im bank charter expire for the first time in 81 years…

8 years ago

Obama’s War to Stop the GOP From Dragging America Into Irrelevance

icant advertising revenue. Obviously, the President has preached at, begged, and cajoled Republicans to pass legislation addressing the income gap…

9 years ago

Republicans Announce That They Are Back At Work By Calling Obama Arrogant

Much excitement was to be had at the opening of Representative Brad Wenstrup's (R-OH) weekly Republican address, as he opened…

9 years ago

Sam Brownback Insults Kansas Voters By Treating Them Like They Are Gullible and Stupid

It is beyond dispute that Republicans take advantage of their supporters' stupidity, and Brownback must believe Kansas voters are the…

9 years ago

Lazy Republicans Need To Learn the Culture and Value of Work

It is unfair and hypocritical for a person who has a job but refuses work to attribute laziness to a…

9 years ago

As the Stock Market Looks for New Highs, Republicans Strangle The Economy

There were two specific announcements on Wednesday that, taken on their own, were just economic news reports, but if a…

10 years ago

Republican VW Union Busting Victory Turns Into a Major Defeat For The GOP

By blocking the workforce's efforts at creating a works council at the Chattanooga plant, Republicans also blocked VW expansion for…

10 years ago

After Killing Hundreds of Thousands of Jobs By Blocking UI Republicans To Go On Vacation

Republicans on pace to kill hundreds and hundreds-of-thousands of jobs, send millions of Americans and their children into poverty, and…

10 years ago

Republicans Devastate The Lives of 1.3 Million Americans as the Media Stays Silent

The media is not about to damage Republicans' electoral chances by telling Americans the real reason why they are in…

10 years ago

How 2013 Gave Democrats a Blueprint to Retake the House

For Democrats to retake the House in 2013, they need to embrace key issues that they support and that are…

10 years ago

When Boehner and Cantor Say What The American People Want They Mean ALEC and the Kochs

In Republican parlance, when they say "what the people want," they mean their wealthy benefactors the Koch brothers, ALEC, and…

10 years ago

When Republicans Call Obama Marxist They are Condemning the Pope, Thomas Jefferson, and Jesus

Every time Republicans decry President Obama's economic policies as Marxist, socialist, or communist, they are in effect condemning the Pope,…

10 years ago

Republicans Have Grown To Hate America As Much As They Hate President Obama

If you are an American who is not in the richest one percent, Republicans are in a blind rage to…

10 years ago

Republicans Enjoy A 4 Week Paid Vacation Having Done Nothing For The American People

Americans are having a difficult time understanding why Congress is taking a month-long recess when they have done absolutely nothing…

10 years ago

Republicans Celebrate as Americans Face Losing Their Jobs

Republicans will have plenty to celebrate as more Americans lose their jobs, people drop out of the workforce thanks to…

11 years ago

Republican Policies Result In 20%-32% of Kids In the Poorest Red States Living In Poverty

Republicans in Congress and statehouses have made every attempt to create a permanent underclass living in poverty, and they are…

11 years ago

Republicans Disguise Their Economic Abuse of the American People as Debt Hysteria

Americans can hardly take much more economic abuse from Republicans and Wall Street CEOs, panting to cut spending under the…

11 years ago

The Koch Brothers Take Credit for Imposing Economic Hardship on Millions of Americans

Koch brothers' front group, Americans for Prosperity (AFP), sent congratulations to Republicans and their supporters around the country for helping…

11 years ago

House Republicans Congratulate Themselves On Killing a Million Jobs

Republicans are congratulating themselves for allowing the dreaded sequester to take effect knowing full well that in the first year…

11 years ago

Democrats Must Call Out The Absurd Canard That Spending Cuts Make The Economy Grow

It is time for Democrats to call out the absurd canard that taking money out of the economy helps the…

11 years ago

The Sequester Cuts are the Latest Crime in the Republican War on America

Republicans have revealed that the harm their sequester cuts were intended to cause is part of their plan that defines…

11 years ago

Most Americans Are No Longer Fooled By Republican Buzzwords and Dishonest Slogans

Americans not mesmerized by the GOP's buzzwords like "pro-growth" understand it was President Obama's stimulus that saved the economy and…

11 years ago

House Republicans Get Set for a Two Month Vacation After Creating 0 Jobs

Republicans in Congress have barely accomplished anything except blocking economic recovery and attacking women's rights, and now they are taking…

11 years ago

House Republicans Use Romney to Distract From Their Own Job Killing Record

The truth is Republicans probably welcome the Romney distraction because when it comes to jobs, they are as clueless today…

11 years ago

Natural Born Job Killers: Republicans Obstruct over 4.2 million jobs

It is a travesty that Republicans hate Americans with such a passion that they deliberately obstructed over 4.2 million jobs.

11 years ago

GOP Reality Check: Reagan Added Public Sector Jobs During a Recession

This is a huge reason for the stubborn unemployment! President Obama doesn't have the benefit of adding public workers to…

11 years ago

Timeline: How Obama Dug America Out of a Depression

The next time a Republican asks where are the jobs, show them this chart that demonstrates how deep of a…

12 years ago

Where are the Jobs? Ask the GOP

The mystery of the disappearing workforce is owing not to the President's leadership but to eight previous years of treasury…

12 years ago

President Obama Schools Republicans For Refusing to Pass Jobs Bill

Like a father to troubled teens, Obama schooled Congress: I sent you a jobs bill last fall that would have…

12 years ago

Sorry Media, This Election Won’t be About the Economy and Jobs

The mainstream media's constructed storyline is that the 2012 election is all about the economy and jobs, but this election…

12 years ago

The Failure of Austerity Demonstrated by Scott Walker and Mitt Romney

Romney and Walker each pushed austerity politics only to end up with abysmal job records, yet polls say gullible voters…

12 years ago

Right Proven Wrong: Lack of Consumer Demand Not Regulations Causing Slow Growth

In a business survey, over 51% of businesses say lack of growth in sales is restraining their hiring, while taxes…

12 years ago

May Day 2012: A Protest Against Everything The Republican Party Stands For

This protest is against everything the Republican Party stands for and works diligently to perpetuate with their relentless Draconian spending…

12 years ago

Bernie Sanders Gives Republicans an Economic Reality Check

Sen. Bernie Sanders brought the reality hammer down on Republicans who are trying to sabotage the economy ahead of the…

12 years ago

Mitt Romney Beds Down With Wisconsin’s Koch Suckers

While campaigning in Wisconsin via phone, Mitt Romney endorsed Governor Scott Walker's "labor policies" and Representative Paul Ryan's "budget plan".

12 years ago

Republicans Refuse To Create 2.8 Million Jobs Unless They Get Their Death Panel

Republicans are willing to hold 2.8 million jobs hostage unless the insurance industry is rewarded with the legality to decline…

12 years ago

Mitt Romney Announces His Plan To Pull A Bain On Detroit’s Auto Industry

It is not surprising Romney is pushing the tactic he employed while head of Bain Capital to try to kill…

12 years ago

Instead Of Celebrating Compromise Boehner Foolishly Attacks Obama

Boehner and his Republican cohorts are fools for attacking the President instead of celebrating the compromise that helps 160-million working…

12 years ago

Beyond the Job Numbers: Who is Working?

These job statistics show who is working based on gender, race, and education.

12 years ago

Obama Uses Jobs Number To Renew Call For Raising Taxes On The Wealthy

After President Obama gave his statement on the decrease in unemployment, he once again called for a tax increase on…

12 years ago