Vote NO On Prop 8

ImageIn a rare moment for California, it is cold and raining this morning. But as I pulled up to my voting place, I noticed many people braving the rain (ok, in CA it's more like a dirzzle), and the cold (it was a "freezing" 65 degrees!), many of them eager--almost too eager--to cast their vote.

Rahm Emanuel To Be Chief of Staff?

ImageMany newspapers (and other news sources), including the Associated Press, the Chicago Sun-Times, and the Denver Post reported last night that the Obama campaign has reached out to Illinois representative, and a veteran of Bill Clinton's White House, Rahm Emanuel to feel out interest about becoming Obama's Chief of Staff.

Scott McClellan Endorses Barack Obama

ImageProminent Republican figure, and four-star General, Colin Powell, caused a big splash this past Sunday when he endorsed Barack Obama for president. But he's not the only prominent Republican figure to offer an endorsement of Obama. Yesterday, former White House Press Secretary under George W. Bush, Scott McClellan, went on DL Hughley's new CNN program "DL Hughely Breaks the News" and essentially gave Obama his official endorsement.