A Liberal’s View of the Republican National Convention: Day 3

ImageI got home a little late tonight and got in just as Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett Packard, is speaking. I'll leave her "comments" alone as I didn't see all of it. I'll start tonight's "running diary" of the GOP convention with the first speaker I had the opportunity to fully observe.

8:08pm---Mitt Romney's on stage. Wait, what? Romney's on stage? Who decided to let him out of the Christian fundamentalist doghouse?

The Most Powerful Words From the Democratic National Convention

ImageIt is truly amazing what words can do. They can inspire us to great heights or scare us into strangling our own better angels. I guess that's why speeches given by politicians are so important. They really only get one or two chances to get their message out.

Which brings me to the Democratic National Convention. Well, all conventions, really. Imagine what they'd be like without the fiery speeches packed with biting one-liners and inspirational messages.

Pawlenty Is Frontrunner to be McCain’s VP

ImageThere are new developments in the John McCain "veepstakes" this afternoon. Many sources, including the National Review blog and "The Hotline," part of the National Journal's Daily Briefing on Politics, are naming Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty as McCain's selection.

The National Review made their claim on Monday, saying pretty definitively that Pawlenty had gotten the greenlight, and their report is now being heavily circulated by other media outlets.

Reports Say McCain Has His VP

ImageThere are "conflicting" (wink, wink) stories out that John McCain has made the final decision on his vice presidential running mate. Many sources and new agencies began reporting this a few days ago. According to Mike Allen and Jonathan Martin of Politico, "John McCain has chosen his running mate and the person will be notified on Thursday, a senior campaign official said."

Big Skies in Schweitzer’s Future

ImagePoor Brian Schweitzer. Or maybe not.

After a phenomenal, grounded, very human speech in Denver last night, all attention is on Hillary Clinton this morning. Her one-line zinger, "No way, no how, no McCain" is being run as the headline in many newspaper stories covering her speech from last night.

Joe Biden Looks Happy About Something

ImageA quick update on the Obama VP situation:

Over at MSNBC's "First Read," they are reporting that Senator Joe Biden, the front runner for Obama's VP in many people's minds, had a very interesting three-minute interaction with some reporters who were camped out on his front lawn this afternoon.

Sebelius Hints at Obama VP Pick

ImageBarack Obama has always said that he will not wait until the Democratic National Convention to name his Vice Presidential nominee. His camp has consistently intoned that a VP candidate will be clearly presented to the American people before the convention occurs to serve as a signal of the kind of presidency and administration he will have.