Geraldo Rivera: Biden Would Struggle “Debating a Force of Nature Like Donald Trump”

Geraldo Rivera has claimed Joe Biden would have difficulty debating Donald Trump because the President is a “force of nature.” The Fox News personality had nothing but praise for Trump.

Rivera spoke to the Fox News morning show Fox & Friends on Friday and slammed former Vice President Biden’s debating skills. Criticisms of Biden’s “gaffes” are now a consistent part of conservative media’s attacks on him. read more

Polls: Biden Continues to Lead Trump in Swing States

Democrat Joe Biden continues to lead President Donald Trump in two crucial swing states.

Biden leads Trump by nine points in the swing state of Pennsylvania, according to the latest Franklin and Marshall College poll. 55 percent of Biden’s supporters in Pennsylvania saying they are voting against Trump. 78 percent of Trump supporters say they are voting for Trump because they support him and not because they’re voting against Biden. read more