Joe Biden

Trump Lashes Out After Biden’s Speech and Continues to Push The Big Lie

Former President Donald Trump lashed out after President Joe Biden's speech on the anniversary of the January 6 insurrection, calling…

2 weeks ago

Opinion: Manchin’s Betrayal Typifies Long-Standing Conservative Misinformation Campaign Against American Worker

The ongoing public negotiation among Manchin, Biden, and progressive Democrats has made clear that Manchin has been trafficking the same…

2 weeks ago

Opinion: Manchin Betrayal Provides Opportunity for Democrats to Prove They Represent White Working Class

Manchin’s betrayal has created an opening, an opportunity for Democrats to spur a much broader profound and urgent reflection on…

3 weeks ago

Bernie Sanders Asks Biden To Demand The Resignation Of Louis DeJoy

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has asked President Biden to demand the immediate resignation of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.

4 weeks ago

Jen Psaki Statement Suggests Joe Manchin Stabbed Biden In The Back

In a lengthy statement, White House Press Secretary Jen Paski tore apart Joe Manchin's concerns about Build Back Better.

1 month ago

Biden Takes Back The Courts By Nominating More Judges Than Trump In His First Year

President Biden will bypass Donald Trump for his first year in office judicial nominations after his next wave of nominees…

1 month ago

Biden Declares Infrastructure Decade As Banished Trump Seethes

President Biden declared that there will be no more infrastructure weeks as America is entering the infrastructure decade.

1 month ago

Opinion: How the Corporate Media’s Treatment of Inflation Abets America’s Authoritarian Turn

This type of coverage of the mere politics, as opposed to the underlying reality of inflation, constitutes in its own…

2 months ago

Biden Stops Peter Doocy’s Fox COVID Talking Point Dead In Its Tracks

While speaking to reporters after remarks on the new jobs numbers, President Biden snuffed out Fox's latest COVID talking point.

2 months ago

Biden Just Took On Republicans And Big Oil In Major Way

During a speech at the White House, President Biden made it clear that climate change measures don't cause rising gas…

2 months ago

Opinion: Rittenhouse Verdict Consistent with Right Wing’s Effort of Destroy Democracy

The Rittenhouse verdict is one piece of this larger campaign to destroy democracy and energize white supremacy.

2 months ago

President Biden Signs Democrats’ Once-in-a-Century Infrastructure Bill

Uncle Joe - also known as the President of these United States, signed Democrats' once-in-a-century, $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and…

2 months ago

Wait, What?: Graham Claims Personal Relationship With Biden Hit “Breaking Point” Over Afghanistan

Speaking to Fox News, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C. said his personal relationship with President Joe Biden hit a "breaking point"…

2 months ago

Opinion: Accepting Republican Frame about “Wokeness,” Conservative Democrats Play to White Supremacy

Elements of the Democratic Party have bought into this Republican framing, similarly deploying “wokeness” as a term of slander and…

2 months ago

Virginia Governor Race Reveals Dynamics of Republican Abuse, Voter Trauma

We see the media and many Americans giving the Republicans, who engage in abusive behavior by refusing to do anything…

3 months ago

Opinion: How Anti-Socialism Fuels Anti-Science Extremism in America

A belief in science supports a socialist philosophy and worldview, and to slander or dismiss socialism may very well undermine…

4 months ago

Biden Administration Will Ease Travel Restrictions for Vaccinated Foreign Travelers

The Biden administration announced it will ease travel restrictions for vaccinated foreign travelers in November. According to White House coronavirus…

4 months ago

Poll: Majority of Americans Support Biden’s Vaccine Mandates

According to a new Axios-Ipsos poll, the majority of Americans––that's 60%––support President Joe Biden's vaccine mandates. The mandates will affect…

4 months ago

Covid-Denying South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem Vows to Fight Biden’s Vaccine Mandates on Businesses

South Dakota Kristi Noem (R) has vowed to fight President Joe Biden's sweeping Covid-19 vaccination requirements. Noem has explicitly refused…

4 months ago

Biden to Mandate Vaccines for All Federal Employees, With No Option for Testing or Opt-Outs

President Joe Biden is expected to announce a vaccine mandate for all federal employees with no option for testing or…

4 months ago

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