John Adams

Castro Tweet Controversy Reveals Fundamental Threat to Democracy, even from the Press

Back in the day, during the Reagan era, New York Democrat and Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan termed the GOP the…

3 years ago

President Obama’s Brilliant Religious Freedom Speech Lost On Religious Republicans

Some may argue that evangelicals lack any humanity, because if they did they would not be driven by inhumanity toward…

6 years ago

The Founding Fathers Promoted Public Education But Rafael Cruz Says it’s a Commie Plot

Ted Cruz's father says public education is a communist plot, but for the Founding Fathers, it was America's hope for…

6 years ago

Michigan And North Carolina Republicans Enact Un-Constitutional Theocratic Laws

Today, more so than at any time in the nation's history, evangelical Republicans are on a crusade to base the…

7 years ago

Time To Prosecute House Speaker John Boehner For Violating Federal Law

Like every common criminal, or once-convicted felon, who continues to escape punishment for violating the law, Boehner continues his unethical,…

7 years ago

In A Victory for Public Education Judge Says NC School Vouchers Are Unconstitutional

The judge, Superior Court Judge Robert Hobgood, identified the Republican legislation, "Opportunity Scholarship Program," as a scam to "siphon money…

8 years ago

Sarah Palin Disgraces History With Claim Adams and Jefferson Support Her War on Christmas

Sarah Palin's contention that Founding Fathers John Adams and Thomas Jefferson would join her in the war against the imagined…

8 years ago

Republican Condemns President Obama For Not Using the Old Testament to Guide Policy

It is astonishing, but one of their champions used the floor of the House to condemn President Obama for not…

9 years ago

Real Independence Would be a Government That Worked

Let's remember to celebrate our declaration of independence, a political act whose primary intent was to achieve a government that…

9 years ago

Ralph Nader Attacks the Imperial Presidency but Ignores the Do-Nothing Congress

Ralph Nader is railing against the "imperial presidency" but has nothing to say about our runaway, do-nothing Congress. It makes…

9 years ago

The Republican Party and the un-Founding of America

Republicans claim to be the defenders of the Constitution; this while wishing to do away with every amendment save the…

9 years ago

Republicans Use Their Power to Establish State Religion and Steal Individual Rights

There are those who say the mood of the nation toward gays and women's rights are changing for the better,…

9 years ago

The Right Tries and Fails to turn Marriage Into a Religious Institution

Whether bible-loving opponents of same-sex marriage like it or not, marriage is not a religious institution.

9 years ago