Dems Get Wish as Cornyn Will Face Tea Party Primary Challenger In Texas Senate Race

Late on Monday, just 15 minutes before the deadline to file, Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) shocked the GOP establishment by placing his name on the ballot for March's Republican primary and will face off with incumbent Sen. John Cornyn.

A Senate Committee is the Latest to Attack Kathleen Sebelius Over ACA

Today, we take a close look at the Senate Finance Committee and their relentless and unfair attempts to discredit the Affordable Care Act

Eric Holder Puts Texas On Notice: Everyone’s Voting Rights Will Be Respected

Republicans see threat to white privilege in Eric Holder's announced plans to make Texas obtain federal approval for changes to voting laws

Unacceptable: Some Veterans Are Waiting Up to 506 Days for Benefits

With some veterans waiting years to access the benefits they need and deserve, Senator Boxer led a bipartisan group uring the Dept of Defense to work more effectively with the VA.

Top Senate Republican Throws National Security Under the Bus as He Flees the Sequester

The Senate Republican Minority Whip, who accused Obama of threatening national security by nominating Chuck Hagel, claimed that sequester cuts to defense won't jeopardize national security.

GOP Senator Does a Hypocritical Flip Flop on Iran Sanctions to Oppose Hagel

Republicans will do anything to block Chuck Hagel's appointment as Defense Secretary, including praising Obama's sanctions against Iran.

The Criminal Mindset Behind the Republican Threats to Shutdown Government

The concept of shutting down the government unless Republicans control the direction and vision of the nation is nothing less than criminal.

How the Ground Zero Mosque Could Cost the GOP the 2010 Election

Like bugs to light, Republicans are attracted to 9/11 fear mongering, and with the flap over the proposed mosque and community center two blocks from Ground Zero, the man in charge of the GOP's efforts to retake the Senate, Sen. John Cornyn suggested that the GOP is ready to make 9/11 an issue again this November, but by playing the politics of fear, the GOP could ensure failure in November.