Opinion: John Dean Wipes Out the Republican Kiddie Caucus

John Dean Matt Gaetz

Within the first few minutes of his opening statement, John Dean showed us he was ready and able to wipe out the Republican Kiddie Caucus.

John Dean: ‘Cohen Has Identified the President As a Criminal”

Michael Cohen is lucky, because as he faces the biggest legal challenge of his life and takes on the President of the United States there is someone available to help him who has been through very similar experiences: John Dean. read more

Michael Cohen’s Lawyer Is Being Advised By The Man Who Brought Down Nixon

The parallels between Watergate and the Russia scandal are growing as Michael Cohen's lawyer, Lanny Davis, is getting advice from the man who brought down Nixon, John Dean.

Experts Say Manafort Is Likely on Suicide Watch In Jail

When former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort was put in jail they took away his tie and his belt.  When this happens, you know that there is a concern that those items will be used by the inmate to hang himself and put an end to his misery. read more

John Dean Dropped A Truth Bomb About Why It’s Trump Who Needs To Worry About Secret Tapes

Former Nixon White House Counsel John Dean dropped a profound truth when he stated that it is Trump, not Comey, who needs to worry about secret tapes.

John Dean Drops A Bombshell By Accusing The White House Of A Russia Cover-Up

"When a White House leans on the FBI, they’re in a cover-up mode," John Dean said regarding the way the Trump administration is trying to lean on the FBI.

Donald Trump Praised For Not “Using” Evangelicals as Pawns

You have to wonder what bizarre alchemy is taking place when Trump is praised by Evangelicals. It turns out the explanation is not pretty