John Eastman

Fani Willis Is Coming For Rudy Giuliani, John Eastman, And Mark Meadows

Fani Willis Is Coming For Rudy Giuliani, John Eastman, And Mark Meadows

Rudy Giuliani, John Eastman, and Mark Meadows have not been offered plea deals by Fani Willis, which suggests that she…

4 months ago

Clarence Thomas Recuses Himself For The First Time In A 1/6 Case

The Supreme Court rejected a request from John Eastman over an order to turn over his emails, but the big…

5 months ago

John Eastman Asked For Disbarment Delay Because Jack Smith Might Charge Him

John Eastman is asking for a delay in his disbarment proceedings because he might be criminally charged by Special Counsel…

7 months ago

Ari Melber Shows Evidence Connecting Ted Cruz And GOP Senators To Trump’s Coup

Ari Melber showed that as John Eastman was working the phones trying to stop the certification of the Electoral College…

7 months ago

Coup Plotter John Eastman’s Disbarment Hearing Will Be Live Streamed

A judge in California ordered John Eastman's disbarment hearing to be live-streamed for the public to watch on Tuesday.

9 months ago

Trump 2020 Attorney John Eastman Faces Disbarment in California

The state seeks to disbar Trump attorney John Eastman, who once clerked for Justice Clarence Thomas, for his work following…

1 year ago

Trump Allies Invoked the 5th When Asked to Provide Proof to Back Up Stolen Election Claims

Rudy Giuliani admitted to the Committee that in spite of his public claims that Dominion voting machines stole the election,…

1 year ago

Bad News For Trump: FBI Seizes John Eastman’s Phone

As he was leaving a restaurant recently, federal agents stopped John Eastman and seized his phone.

2 years ago

Liz Cheney Connects The Dots For DOJ On Trump’s Fake Elector Scheme Role

Donald Trump had a "direct and personal role" in the attempt to defraud the United States with a fake elector…

2 years ago

John Eastman Provides Evidence That Trump Directly Plotted Coup

In a court filing, John Eastman provided evidence that Trump was directly involved in the planning and strategy for his…

2 years ago

Judge Rules Trump Likely Committed Felony Obstruction And Orders John Eastman To Turn Over All Emails

Federal Judge David O. Carter ruled that Trump likely committed felony obstruction and ordered John Eastman to hand over all…

2 years ago

1/6 Committee Gets A Big Win As Judge Rejects Eastman Effort To Delay Turnover Of Trump Related Docs

A federal judge has rejected John Eastman's argument to delay a hearing about his emails that could contain critical 1/6…

2 years ago

1/6 Committee Says They Have Evidence That Trump Committed 3 Crimes Against The US

In a bombshell filing in response to John Eastman's lawsuit, the 1/6 Committee claims to have evidence that Trump and…

2 years ago

Fox News And Tucker Carlson Are Tampering With 1/6 Committee Witnesses

Tucker Carlson engaged in witness tampering as he nudged a 1/6 Committee witness not to comply with a subpoena.

2 years ago

John Eastman Pleads The Fifth As Trump Coup Plotters Admit Criminality

John Eastman has notified the 1/6 Committee that he will plead the Fifth because he is afraid his answers will…

2 years ago

1/6 Committee Drops The Subpoena Hammer On John Eastman, Mike Flynn, And Trump’s Campaign Manager

The 1/6 Committee has subpoenaed six non-governmental advisers to Trump including Mike Flynn, John Eastman, and the Trump 2020 campaign…

2 years ago