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Opinion:The GOP’s False Choice between Saving Lives and Saving the Economy Is a Failure of the Imagination

The impatient discussion about when America can “re-open” for business has not only often proceeded, on the Republican side, with willful ignorance of informed medical perspectives, but it has also tended to pose a dangerously ignorant and unimaginative false choice to Americans: either save lives or save our economy and way of life. Republican Representative…


Republican Senator John Kennedy: Lift Coronavirus Restrictions or “The World Economy Collapses”

A Republican senator thinks the U.S. economy must be reopened despite the threat of Covid-19. Louisiana’s John Kennedy accepted this would cause the virus to spread even further. Kennedy spoke to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Wednesday and argued that the U.S. must ease Coronavirus containment measures. He said the making the decision was like…

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