John Lewis Now Supports the Ocasio-Cortez ‘Green New Deal’

Many Congressional Democrats are now supporting a new plan by Representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) to address climate change. The 29 year-old Ocasio-Cortez and her supporters are demanding that the House create a Select Climate Committee. They also want Nancy Pelosi and other members of House leadership to back a “Green New Deal” plan. read more

Rep. John Lewis Just Delivered A Terrifying Message To Republicans At Immigration Protest

Civil Rights icon, Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) told a Trump immigration policy protest in Atlanta that they must vote like they have never voted before.

Hero John Lewis Refuses To Attend Mississippi Civil Rights Museum Opening Because Trump Will Be There

Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) made a loud statement against Trump's racism by announcing that he will not attend the opening of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum because Trump will be there.

‘We Cannot Wait’: John Lewis Blasts Trump For Refusing To Talk About Gun Violence

John Lewis Trump

"The time is always right to do what is right. We waited too long. How many more people will die?"

Trump Digs His Hole Deeper By Going On Fox News To Escalate Attacks On John Lewis

Donald Trump Fox and Friends

The president-elect is only making matters worse by continuing to lash out at the civil rights icon.

Former GOP Sen. Tom Coburn Says Trump’s Tweets Aren’t Presidential

"The point is at some point in time the president is going to have to turn to become more presidential and that’s not presidential."

Cowardly Trump Backs Out Of Commemorating MLK Day At the African American Museum

Donald Trump Obamacare

You know that trip to the Smithsonian Museum of African American History and Culture that President-elect Donald Trump's transition team announced he would be taking in observance of Martin Luther King Day? Yeah, that's not happening now.

Trump Makes A Fool Of Himself While Attacking Civil Rights Legend John Lewis

After Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) expressed his opinion that Donald Trump is not a legitimate president, the president-elect launched a childish and foolish attack on the Civil Rights hero.

Civil Rights Icon John Lewis Drops A Bombshell And Calls Trump Not A Legitimate President

Civil Rights icon Rep. John Lewis echoed the views of the majority of Americans who didn't vote for Trump when said that in his view, Trump is not a legitimate president.

Democrats Don’t Buy Republican Bull And Vow To Keep Fighting For Real Gun Bills

"Disarm hate!" "We're with you!"

These were the chants that accompanied the Democratic House Caucus's press event to pressure House Republicans to allow real gun violence prevention legislation.

Democrats Show America What Real Leadership Looks Like With Brave House Protest

During this historic, courageous sit in -- Democrats found not only their spine but the knowledge that they carry moral authority on this issue -- House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) praised Congressmen John Lewis.

Fed Up Democrats Take Over The House And Stage A Sit-In To Demand Gun Control Vote

House Democrats stage sit in for gun control vote

House Democrats have had enough of Republican refusal to allow a vote on gun control, so they are staging a sit in on the House floor and demanding a vote on common sense gun reform legislation.

John Lewis Says He Did Not Mean to Disparage Sanders Civil Rights Activism

After first suggesting Sanders was not active in the civil rights movement, Lewis said he had not meant to suggest he was not active

Civil Rights Icon John Lewis Says He Never Met Bernie Sanders During Civil Rights Movement

Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) and Congressional Black Caucus endorse former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton.

While endorsing Hillary Clinton for president, civil rights legend, Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) said that he didn't know and never met Bernie Sanders during the civil rights movement.

US House Is Functional For A Day, Passes Bipartisan Bill, Extends CHIP Funding

In a rare moment of bipartisan cooperation, the US House overwhelmingly passed a Medicare payment overhaul bill on Thursday.

Racist Republican Leadership Absent From 50th Anniversary of Selma

One group that was glaringly absent from Selma on Saturday was any substantial representation of racist Republicans; most notably Republican leaders in Congress.

50 Years Later, John Lewis Is In Congress, Our President Is Black, But Selma Fight Isn’t Over

It is not enough simply to remember Selma. The courageous men and women on the Edmund Pettus Bridge could not be deterred by brutal force. They marched forward with undaunted courage, staring death in the face. Members of Congress who lack the minimal courage required to pass legislation protecting the right to vote, have no business paying tribute to the marchers in Selma. By their inaction, their allegiance lies with the Alabama State Troopers who turned the marchers around.

Israeli Official: Boehner And Netanyahu Conspired “To Defy and Humiliate President Obama”

Obviously Boehner is frustrated that he has been outplayed and out-maneuvered at every turn by the President, and lacking the wherewithal to take on the President himself, he marshaled support and conspired with a foreigner, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to "defy and humiliate President Obama."

Freedom Rider John Lewis Urges Us All To Stand Up, Speak Out, and March to the Polls

Must see video of Rep. John Lewis' profound speech about the history of the struggle for sacred right to vote, and call to march on to the voting booth Nov 6.