Meghan McCain Apologized for Aiding Trump’s Racist Rhetoric After Brutal Takedown by John Oliver

Donald Trump did a terrible job of containing the coronavirus once it hit American shores. Rather than taking on any criticism, Trump instead tried to paint COVID as “The China Virus.”

And Trump’s words have been blamed in part for the rash of violence against Asians in the country. When he began blaming the Chinese for the virus, Meghan McCain claimed it was a smart strategy that would help him win votes. read more

John Oliver Buys An Ad On Hannity To Tell Trump Not To Kill The Iran Deal

HBO’s John Oliver is making a direct appeal to Trump through buying an ad on Trump’s favorite Fox News show Hannity telling the president not to kill the Iran deal.


After playing the ad, Oliver said, “That ad is scheduled to run during Hannity in the D.C. Area on Fox News this week, where it will presumably confuse a lot of people. And I’m not saying it’s going to change anything, but at least we’ll know we tried.” read more